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Instagram-Inspired Monochrome Toddler Room


Thank you for taking a moment to check out my sons Instagram-Inspired Monochrome Toddler room!

I previously updated this bare room into my sons "Gentleman's Quarters" themed nursery. From there, I knew I wanted something different, fun, and busy for my very no-attention-span two year old. He was getting so busy and there were a few breakables and untouchables in his Gentleman's Quarters nursery that I knew I would have to baby proof.

Awhile ago, I started to take pictures of my son sleeping and posted them on Instagram using the hashtag #GentSleeps. When I was thinking of the theme for this new room, I knew I had to incorporate this into the design. This is what I decided to base the whole room off of including the color scheme: monochrome since the images were in black and white. Plus its so SO easy to decorate in monochrome and it was a trend I could feel myself swooning over.

The centerpiece of this room is his #GentSleeps "mural" of sorts, on one of the walls. Each letter on this wall has small pictures printed from Chatbooks that I glued onto large letters. I created a blog post that went into detail about how I created this wall hanging. It is more than just a decor piece; it is sentimental to me because of those tiny little pictures capturing his first couple years of life.

Another aspect of this room is that I wanted to purchase and collaborate with #ShopSmall Instagram shops as much as possible. I wanted to embrace the relationships from the makers I befriended on Instagram and show some of the creativity off all the while blending into my theme. It was just another aspect of the "Instagram-Inspired" part of the room that I loved.

Items & shops featured:

#GentSleeps Album - Chatbooks / Large Photostrips + Minisquares on Marquee #GentSleep Letters - Social PS / Marquee Letters – Hobby Lobby / Black + White Raglan - Whistle & Flute /  Fighter Clock DIY - Mr. Kate / Diaper Bag - Bumble Collection / Organic Wooden Teether - Fawn & Finn / Donut Grow Up Print - Stop Growing UP / Hashtag Leggings - Hug Me Sew / White Sunglasses – Subsidy Shades /  Bat hanger + Game Over/Play Again Pillowcase - Little Pop Studios / #Instagram Famous Tee - T’s & Tots / Stevia Flavored Face Wipes - NeatCheeks / ABC Peg Dolls - Lovely Little Co / White Sippy Cup + Bowl - Re-play / Triangle blanket + black striped Swaddle - Modern Burlap / Sandals + Boots - Zimmerman Shoes / Polka Dot Monster Pillow - Candy Argyle Designs / Toy Camera - Bloom Theory / Styling Hair Products - Hot Tot Hair Care / Brush + Comb - Nuby USA / Diapers - Bambo Nature / Emoji Pillow – Amazon / Sketch - Stylish Milk / Ava Crib - Delta Children / Crib Sheet – / Cowboy Mini Backpack - Swankaroo / Cow Bounce Toy - Amazon / Dresser - Coaster via Cortate Furniture / Lego Brick Storage – Amazon / Rug + Pillow + Toy Organizer - Ikea / Kid Table – KidKraft on Amazon / Busy Board – DIY from Daddy

Thank you all of those shops that added their special touch to this room. Hope I inspired someone on the hunt for some monochrome inspiration or even a theme that is "out of the box". If you have any questions, you are always more than welcome to reach out to me on my blog, The Sentimental Mama.