A Bohemian Inspired Room – Tour this Inviting and Charming Bedroom

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We said goodbye to the pink walls. We said goodbye to the tiny dressing table. And we said goodbye to all things that were making this space a little dysfunctional. Oh, how I wish I had a "before photo" so I could share it here. So, what do you say, are you ready to tour this bohemian inspired room?

We started designing this beautiful bedroom for #clientniece last Summer. Note to self, don't start working on a new design project the same day the kids finish school. It's just not a good idea. Taking on a new design project while handling the shop, the kids, and all the mimosas; calls for a bit of stalling. Do you know what I mean? But we got it done. And to make this project even more fun and unique, we did a lot of DIY projects while designing this room as well. Like the DIY bed cover tassel, the fun wall hooks, and the super cute shelving system.

My niece is turning thirteen next week. So the overall goal was to design a space that looked more like her now, while still keeping the overall aesthetic of the house. I wanted to design a room for her that felt fresh and welcoming. Using lots of white details, wood tones, a colorful, but not too colorful gallery wall, and bohemian-inspireded items, we feel like we definitely got the job done. And the best compliment comes from my niece's friends, who now want Julia's aunt to design their rooms too.


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