Navy, Gray and Orange Twin Boys Nursery

  • Navy, Gray and Orange Twin Boys Nursery
  • Mobile with Yarn Wrapped Around Styrofoam Balls
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  • DIY Yarn Wrapped Around Cardboard Letters
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  • Elephant Silhouette Wall Art
  • DIY Mobile with Yarn Wrapped Around Styrofoam Balls
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When I learned I was having twin boys, I couldn't wait to get started on their nursery.  We were working with a very small space, so I wanted it to be bright but still infused with color.  I wasn't going for a specific theme other than to incorporate animals in some way.  I chose to keep it simple with silhouettes.  I love the way it turned out - not too baby like, but also not too grown up.  Just right.

Project Details

All Artwork: Designed by me - The empty frames were awaiting photos of my boys after they were born.

Quilts: Quilted by the boys' Great Grandmother

O&T Letters: DIY - Yarn wrapped around cardboard letters from Joann's

Mobiles: DIY - Yarn wrapped around Styrofoam balls


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    Love this room!! Where did you find the solid navy crib bedskirt? Also, what paint color is on your walls? Great job!

  2. 4

    This nursery is fantastic!!! You put a lot of creative touches to the room for your baby boys to enjoy for years to come. It’s one they can grow into not grow out of so quickly. Love the color choices and the love you and the daddy put into everything in the room. It shows just how special those twin baby boys are and the proud parents that was waiting for their arrival. I am hoping you win, but even if you don’t win the contest. This room is a winning choice for those little boys!!! Good Luck!!

  3. 5

    It’s the best nursery I’ve ever seen. Can you please tell what the paint color is on your walls? Gray is so tricky and I am going crazy between gray swatches right now. Thank you. Great job!

  4. 6

    Thank you so much! I can’t remember the name of the paint color, but will check tonight when I get home.

  5. 7

    You are so sweet. Thank you! The crib skirts were hand made out of flat twin sized sheet from Walmart. I’ll check the name/brand of the paint when I get home.

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  8. 10

    Did you paint the elephant art yourself or have someone paint it for you once you chose a design? It’s a great piece!

  9. 11

    I absolutely LOVE this paint color. What color did you use on the walls? This nursery is beautiful!

  10. 13

    whats the name of the paint ? i love the mobiles. do you sell them by any chance i would love for you to make me one!!!

  11. 14

    Sorry, I just saw that I never responded! Gah, life with twins gets the best of me every time :). The wall color is Wet Pavement by Valspar. Thanks so much!

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    Thanks! I painted it myself and it was actually one of the starting pieces to the room.

  16. 19

    What a great nursery. Everything is just perfect!. where did you purchase the canvas and what size are they? also, what kind of paint did you use if you don’t mind me asking?

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    Beautiful nursery!!! I’m actually having someone paint a similar elephant silhouette. Do you remember what the canvas sizes were?

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  20. 23

    Thanks! The canvases are from JoAnn’s and I think they are 12 x 24 or 12 x 30, something like that. The paint I used was just some basic craft paint from JoAnn’s also. I don’t remember the color. See above comments for wall paint color.

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    Love your colors! I’m curious about how you turned the duvet cover into curtains. Was the dive thick enough or did you also add a blackout liner? Thanks!

  24. 27

    Hi Melissa! I used a blackout liner that I found at JoAnn’s. Just used a 40% off coupon for a good price. Thanks for the love. :)

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