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Jungle Themed Nursery


A jungle theme in the nursery is pretty hard to beat! We went in a more modern direction with portrait style jungle animal art in a large group to be the focal point of the room. The fun shades of teal and green could actually be gender neutral, but the personalized "Classic Alphabet" art for boys steered the decor into more boyish territory.

Design Inspiration

We wanted a huge feature with Meghann O'Hara's adorable jungle animal artwork collection. The unique built-ins in old San Diego homes really provide interesting design options and encourage creative thinking. We love the patterns in the background of O'Hara's artwork, and found a way to carry that detail throughout the room.

Decorating Style

This nursery takes a classic theme, and presents it in a modern way that's still full of whimsy. These animals are adorable and engaging, but they're not too "cutesy" like some Moms and Dads shy away from.

Project Details

Nothing makes a statement like a gallery wall. This artwork layout manifested into a two wall creation over a fun, little built-in corner desk. We lined up the top row of artwork horizontally along the top, then fit the rest of the art into the space in a sort of grid pattern. Mixing different art sizes and colors works because of the large area to fill and the overall color family. We chose a sandy wall color as a soothing neutral paired with the teals, greens, and blues.

To mimic Meghann O'Hara's darling patterns she uses in the backgrounds of her art, we used the panels on the built-in's cabinets to bring a personal touch and a pop to the room. Something as simple as hand-painted circles can add real personality to a space.

All the animal canvas artwork is by Meghann O'Hara from her Oopsy Daisy Jungle Collection.

The personalized nursery art "Classic Alphabet - Boy" is also by Meghann O'Hara.

The lamp shade "Vines on Blue" subtly keeps the jungle theme going with its simple vine pattern.

The adorable Giraffe and Elephant bookends are by Zuny.

Blue accent table from Bungalow 5.


You can play around with the layout of your gallery wall without making holes in the wall by cutting out butcher’s paper in the same sizes and shapes of the artwork and taping those to the walls in different configurations. This way, you can take your time, and try different layouts all over the room.


Monday 17th of February 2014

I spy Caden Lane bedding too!