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Malachi’s Fox Nursery


I found out I was expecting baby number 4 when we were living in Norway and then we found out that we were moving to Paris, France.  We are originally from the United States so all of this international travel was quite an experience.  I wanted a cozy, playful space to welcome our newest son.

Design Inspiration

I started this room with a stuffed fox.  I found the fox in a toy store in Norway where we lived at the time.  When I found out I was pregnant I bought the fox and started collecting pieces for the room.   My mother has collected hedgehogs for years and when I found the fox and hedgehog print I realized they would make an adorable pair for the nursery.

Decorating Style

I like vintage pieces with lots of color.  I like decorating nurseries with pieces that will grow with the child.  The dresser that we are using for a changing table will work in Malachi's room, or some where else in the house when we need it.  The bookshelf has been used in 3 different houses in 3 different countries in many different ways.

Project Details

The crib, rug, lanterns, bucket/trash can, curtains, and large picture frames are from Ikea.  The recliner is by Lazy Boy.  The dresser is from a second hand shop here in Paris.  The book shelf is from Target.  The foxes are from different stores in Norway and France.   The fox and hedgehog print is from Etsy.  The sunshine paper and metal shelf are from a store in Oslo, Norway, called Nest.

Favorite Items

I love the playfulness of the polka dotted rug.  I love the functionality of the recliner, it was a gift when I was pregnant with my first daughter and I have used it with all 4 of my children.


I found a lot of great things at Ikea, I was lucky that my inspiration of the fox came at a time when they had a lot of orange and teal in their store.