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Monster Nursery


A fun, modern nursery for our little guy.

Design Inspiration

I wanted something fun and fresh... a departure from the standard pastels and baby animals that are on most nursery prints.  I love UglyDolls and decided on a monster theme based on a few of the dolls.

Decorating Style

I'm not sure how to describe it.  I like neat, clean lines and bold colors.

Project Details

We used frog tape to get the clean lines on the grid wall.  I painted the monster prints above the bed (modeled off some I found on Etsy) and the rest of the prints were ordered from Etsy.  The furniture came from Ikea and Target and the rug is from Ikea.  Most of the frames, baskets, and the lamp also came from Target.

Favorite Items

I think the grid wall really sets the stage for the room as do the monster prints above the crib.


Find items where you can and piece them together... no need to spend a fortune.

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  1. avatar Jessica R says:

    I was wondering where the mobile was from? I am just looking for the monsters!

  2. I am the original creator and owner of the monster art listed for sale on Etsy. I love that you enjoyed my art enough to recreate it. It is illegal to recreate copyrighted art for the purpose of making money – BUT Etsy is a wonderful place for ideas. I am honored that you liked my designs enough to recreate. Your nursery is one-of-a-kind and looks fantastic! My monster designs can be purchased in my store Jackie Bullard ~ What Is a Grit

  3. avatar Naomi says:

    Please Please share paint colors!!!! Love them!!!!

  4. avatar texasbadger says:

    I love your design choices and color combination! Out of curiosity, what color paint did you use for the main green color on your walls?

  5. avatar robinscesney says:

    This room is PERFECT in every way!!!  You should go into business in designing kids rooms.

  6. avatar lacerj81 says:

    I found a basic mobile on to use as the base.  I then purchased the four UglyDoll keychains (removed the keychain part) and attached to the base with lime green ribbon.

  7. avatar lacerj81 says:

    I found a very basic mobile on to use as my base.  I then bought the four UglyDoll keychains (removed the keychain part) and attached to the base with some lime green ribbon.

  8. avatar pinkkalicious says:

    Love it! Where is your mobile from?

  9. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    I love the colors too, but what makes this room better than the others is that you were able to pull off mixing stuff together.  It’s going to be very difficult to do that when you have this many colors used!  I love the books on the shelves and the pictures, too. I think that these give the room some real personal touch!

  10. avatar AngelsBreath says:

    I love the colors in this room!  Love the simple squares of colors that really blend well with one another.  Really boyish room with a touch of bright orange, deep red and deep blue.

  11. avatar CRYSTAL24K says:

    What a unique and colorful room!  So much fun!  As a lover of modern art, I give you high marks for this fantastic room!  It is colorful, yet not busy!