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A & A Joint Princess Party


This kingdom has not one but two princess. Their fathers have known each other since they were young and wanted to combine their little princesses parties this year. A guest list filled with the princesses and knights of the land. The day was filled with crowns, shields, ponies, hot pink & lavender.

Design Inspiration

Of course there was a bit of a struggle in planning this royal bash. What theme would please both a two year old and a seven year old? Ariel who is turning two and loves Dora the Explorer but of course this is bit to babyish for Aaniyah who is turning 7. Victorious was to old for Ariel so that was definitely out of the question. Until finally we all agreed on a Princess theme after seeing the girls playing with a Disney princess tea set. It became obvious what little girl wouldn’t want to be a Princess on her birthday or any day for that matter.

Instead of using the usual colors associated with princesses we decided to use Dora the Explorer’s color palette of hot pink and lavender to bring a modern take to a tradition interpretation.

Decorating Style

I went to my favorite store Target and after rummaging through the bargain section and came out with mini white drink tubs, small pink buckets, and an assortment of foam weapons (axes, mace, and swords) for our brave little knights. I also found a large white drink tub for the foams weapons to sit inside and crowns and wands for the birthday girls. I found smaller crowns and wands for the party guests at Party City. I found some great foam shields at Toys R’ Us.

I purchased Tulle rolls from a shop on Etsy that I draped over all the chairs and purchased signs to set the girls chairs aside from everyone else.

Project Details

I designed & styled every aspect of the party with signs, favor tags, invites, and a banner. We wanted to make sure that each girl was equally included and show cased through every element of the party. I alternated each girls name on every element of the party.

Favorite Items

I absolutely love the hobby horses. I had so much fun designing them and watching the kids have fun playing them. I wish that I had made more of them so everyone at the party could have had one.


If you are planning a joint party try to keep in mind the day is to be shared with two people not just one. Make sure there are activities that each will enjoy. Have things on the menu that everyone likes and make sure that everyone is willing to compromise or else things will be a lot more difficult.


Saturday 2nd of July 2011

5 stars, you did a wonderful job! looks like it was a truly magical day :)


Friday 17th of June 2011

Thank you so much, it was definately a challenge. But in the end everyone's needs were met and they loved everything. I made the hobby horses myself. My only regret was that I didn't make more of them.


Saturday 11th of June 2011

It's a great idea to have this joint party for two precious daddies' girls.  I know it's not easy to plan something for two children a little far apart in age. Anyway, my favorite here are the hobby horses. They are so pretty. Who made them?