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Sweet Silhouette Tree Decal


Cute silhouette nursery I painted in Atlanta, Ga.   This nursery will also transition into a toddler room very easily. I wanted to keep the mood light and carefree. The black silhouettes add a bouyant quality to the room that really has a charming effect. We loved it and hope you all will too!  My painted tree is  available as a decal at my website Or at


Design Inspiration

The inspiration was from the initials hung over the crib.  We thought a big tree might be fun to hang the initials from.  I went from there and continued to handpaint other silhouettes around the room that I thought would be fun and whimsical.  I also painted in a way that will make it easy to add for other types of furniture  when Sophie outgrows the crib.without compromising the artwork .

Decorating Style

  • Whimsical,  eclectic, fun

Project Details

I love silhouettes and think they are a great addition to many different types of rooms.   I kept the artwork in areas that would not be covered up later by furniture making an easy transition to toddler stage.  This painted tree is now available as a decal through my website in 36 colors at and


Favorite Items

  • I love the framed initials hanging from the tree!


I think the silhouettes look great against the striped wall.  Stripes are a little extra effort but I think they add a lot of impact to the room.  Here they are two diffenent sizes which also adds interest.  The color palette in the room is very simple but the results are very dramatic.  The neutrality of the color scheme helps the black to really pop.

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  1. My tree decal is at
    The colors are by Porter Paint Sweetbriar and Green Crystal
    Sorry Samantha I didn’t see your message!

    Anita Roll

  2. avatar Samantha says:

    I absolutely love the entire room and would love for my daughter to have the same one. Could you tell me what shadesnof green you used to paint with. Thank you.

  3. avatar Mamma2Be says:

    Where can I find those decals? The link isn’t working, but we are going to be painting in the next little while and I think having the decals would just tie it all together.

  4. avatar Kathy says:

    Love the nursery where did you find the bedding for the crib.

  5. avatar Luzanne G Ffrench says:

    What are the two colors on the wall?

  6. avatar fotogyrl says:

    I love this design! Do you sell the little girl mural as well?

  7. The colors for the stripes are from Porter Paints “Sweetbriar” for the lighter stripe #307-2 and “Green Crystal” #407-4 for the darker stripe. I’m not sure where the changing table came from. I can check with the homeowner.

  8. avatar amybeth32 says:

    Hello-beautiful nursery! I am wondering where you got the bureau/changing table? Thanks in advance!

  9. avatar GiGi2B says:

    Any luck yet on finding the colors?

  10. avatar Anita Roll Murals says:

    The stripes were painted for me before I got to the job.  I will try to find out the colors for you GiGi to be.

  11. avatar GiGi to Be says:

    Can you please tell me what the Colors you used to paint with are?

  12. avatar Anita Roll Murals says:

    Thank you  Vivian.  I believe they were 16 in and 8 in.  I think it added much more interest than just evenly spaced stripes.

  13. avatar Vivian says:

    I love it! How did you decide on the width of the stripes? it looks perfect.


  14. avatar ahoffmann5 says:

    Wow!  I love the colors.  Reminds me of chocolate chip ice cream.  The girl blowing the dandilion is precious.  Great details.

  15. avatar Anita Roll Murals says:

    Thank you bibzees!  I thought it added another fun whimsical touch to the room as well. 

  16. avatar bibzees says:

    I love the idea of the frames hanging down from the tree branch.

  17. avatar Anita Roll Murals says:

    Hi Angels Breath I still haven’t heard back from the designer but will let you know as soon as I can.  I believe the bedding was custom made though.

    Thank you Creative Crumbs!  I loved this room and it feels really good to be in there!  Let me know if you need any painting…I travel :-)

  18. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    A truly breathtaking room!  I love the silhouette on green color scheme here!  This room certainly makes me wish I had the talent for painting!

  19. avatar AngelsBreath says:

    My friend has a nursery that incorporates pastel and black, she’s been looking for a bedding just like yours!  Where did you get that?  In any case, this is one-of-a-kind!  Absolutely fell in love with it!