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Modern, Colorful, and Functional Playroom


We have very limited space in our home and because of that, I wanted to utilize one of the rooms that was previously a formal dining room and make it a playroom/functional guest room as well.  Most of my home has a vintage, modern farmhouse flair to it but I wanted the playroom to feel young and fun and more modern than the rest of my home.  I was inspired by some fall photos that my family and I took in Massachusetts with the fall foliage.  We wore mustard yellows and purple and I used many of the photos to create a gallery wall in the playroom.  I used these bright, bold colors to create the room and added in gray in order to not overwhelm the room too much.  It's not a big space, and so I used a gray futon to provide seating but it functions as a guest bed which is amazing.  Best of all, it is modern and doesn't look like what you'd picture when you say the word futon.  I got some great colored pieces of furniture to balance out the room like the blue media stand and mustard yellow end table.  The focal point of the whole room is the purple wall letters "play," "draw," and "read."  I purchased all of the letters from Michael's and painted them myself.  They were easy to hang and function as great wall decor.

I am so happy with the way this space evolved.  My girls love playing in the playroom but I also enjoy sitting in their, sipping my coffee in the morning (or afternoon) and watching them play.  It's a space that they love to be in as well as adults which makes for the perfect playroom in my eyes!