Our Greatest Adventure’s Nursery

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We've longed for years to be parents! I've always dreamed of a neutral, monochromic nursery. We adopted our first child in February 2016. His name is Lane Everett Reddick. We traveled a rocky road to get to him so his nursery is themed "Our greatest adventure" because he truly is just that!


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    Please let me know or share with me the color on the walls and the paint brand beautiful nursery and more with the story you shared. Take care enjoy your lil one

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    Good morning! Where did you find the Adventure Awaits picture and the Little Explorer sign? And the what is the name of the paint color? Beautiful room by the way! Many congratulations to you!

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    This is amazing. I want the tepee print, the three separate wooden arrow heads, the simple black line triple mountain print! And the adventure awaits sign! I would love if you could share the brands or where you got them! Baby due soon and looking to do a similar theme. Beautiful!

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    So so cute!! I am planning a similar nursery, would love to know where you got the teepee print??

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