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Georgia’s Small World Nursery


I pinned some Small World canvases someone had painted for their daughter's nursery a little over a year ago when I was looking at ideas for a Disney style clothing contest. It certainly sparked the idea and I immediately fell in love with that theme for a nursery since I used to sing the song to my oldest daughter as a lullaby, and it was my most favorite ride growing up.

My husband patiently measured, and drew out all the geometric parts around the bottom of the nursery. It took us almost 2 weeks just to completely draw and paint that portion. Most of the art, canvas, & hot air balloons was hand drawn, cut, or painted by myself with the exception of a canvas my oldest daughter painted and a 3D clock face that was so lovingly done by my brother and his wife.

We have so many cherished Disney memories in there as well! Her first set of Mickey ears we picked up for her gender reveal, a snow globe family members picked out for her in honor of the birth announcement, and some plush Small World Animals a Disney friend gifted us. There are a few pages out of a Small World book I used to read to my 1st daughter that I framed. Also, my vintage Small World jewelry box I picked out in the early 90's box sits on a shelf next to some pretties a cast member friend gifted to me on my 30th birthday while at the parks. Lastly, if you search hard enough, you will find a total of 4 hidden Mickeys in her room as well. 

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  1. avatar jacqueline says:

    where did your friend get these plush stuffed toys???? WOW!!

  2. avatar Lora says:

    I could only find 3 Mickeys! ?

  3. avatar Jan Hale says:

    I finally found the 4 hidden Mickey’s! Lol Could you please tell me the color of the wall above the chair rail?

  4. avatar Jan says:

    It looks like the flat piece (lining) is on top and the ruffle is underneath. Just saying!
    I love the aqua and lavender color combo!

  5. avatar Lesley says:

    Thanks Jan. The bed skirt ruffle part is tulle so it’s very see through & why it looks that way in pictures.

  6. avatar Jan says:

    Love this! It’s a Small World was and is my favorite to this day. I love the walls and looks so much like it. Your hubby sure has a lot of patience and did a great job! I was looking at your bedskirt and it looks like you flipped it. The flat part that is on top is the lining and should be under the ruffles. Just a tip!