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An Iron Man Bowling Party


This Iron Man Bowling Party was created for my FAVORITE little man, Gabriel!!! It was great fun and easy to incorporate his favorite super hero theme into the already fabulous venue! He chose the theme and we chose the venue! But BOWLING is one of his FAVORITE things to do!

Design Inspiration

My wonderful little boy.

Decorating Style

Details, Out of the Box

Project Details

The venue was already fabulous.  I just added a few details to make my birthday boy's section POP! I used Bakerella's Cake Pop books as a guide to make the Robot Pops Favors

Favorite Items

The Cake Pops and Homemade Cupcakes


The small personalized touches make all the difference.

Talia-Luxe. Event Design, LLC

Monday 11th of April 2011

Thanks again Avalon! He was sooooo surprised when we pulled up to the venue. We never told him and he never expected it.  When we pulled into the parking lot he said "wait ahhhhhh minute..., who's having a birthday here?" LOL!


Monday 11th of April 2011

I think it's great that you incorporated two themes in one party. I never thought the Iron Man theme would go well with bowling, but you made it work. It's great that your son got his favorite movie hero and his favorite sport all in one fun event.