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Talia-Luxe. Event Design, LLC

I am a mommy of two and a wife of 10 years! My hubby and I are blessed with Gabriel (5) and Noah-Danielle (1).  I have 2 full-time jobs! I am a middle school mathematics teacher and a wedding and event planner.  I am the proud owner of Luxe. Event Design, LLC! Yes! I am a Mompreneur! I am just living the dream and would love to share my creative world with you!!! -Blessings, Talia

Little Miss Butterfly in Tie Dye a 1st Birthday Party

This was a 1st Birthday Party for my EXTRAORDINARY little girl Noah-Danielle! She has been such a joy to my husband and eye, that we decided to throw this little bash befitting of our butterfly princess! There was tons of good eats and good friends and family!

An Iron Man Bowling Party

This Iron Man Bowling Party was created for my FAVORITE little man, Gabriel!!! It was great fun and easy to incorporate his favorite super hero theme into the already fabulous venue! He chose the theme and we chose the venue! But BOWLING is one of his FAVORITE things to do!

A Tailgate Baby Shower

This “Tailgate” party was thrown on a University of Florida Game Day in honor of the pending arrival of little Caleb! This was a real treat to plan, and the menu selection was ummm, ummm good!