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Ann C

I am a mom to the MOST active and hyper 4 year old munchkin man and I also work full time (I love my career!). My favorite thing to do is spending time with my small family, doing DIYs and decorating my home during my free time. I am also an avid Bikram yogi who is trying her hands in Aerial yoga.

My little Knight’s 5th Birthday Party

My little guy wanted to be a prince on his 5th birthday so I was excited to create “royalish” birthday for him. Besides, why should only girls have royal/princessy birthdays?!?! ;)  To make activities and theme appropriate to what he is into lately (superheros, fights, star wars etc.), I decided on “Knights and Dragons” theme.
Due to his several food allergies, I also have to make all of the desserts. And no one has more fun baking vegan desserts that contains black beans, prunes, and apple sauce as milk/egg replacements, than I do. :)
And I created most of everything myself, including Knights’ tunics. The birthday boy called himself “King of all Knights” and had  a blast with his fellow Knights!

PJ’s Baby Sprinkle

When my very good friend told me that she is having baby number 2, my mind raced to baby shower planning. :) I wanted to make sure it was absolutely special, elegant and wonderfully memorable event for her.
That’s where PJ’s sister and I went crazy exchanging ideas and tips to make sure this shower was even more special one than the first shower we threw for her. PJ’s sister-in-law joined forces and then another one of our friend joined as a hostess as well.
The event was hosted at PJ’s basement so it was a pain to keep most of the elements a secret. Also, mom-to-be wanted it to be ladies only event to which the hostesses happily obliged.

Little Man’s Airplane Third Birthday Party

My little guy has been obsessed with two things this year: trains and airplanes. Since he told us he wanted to be a Thomas for Halloween, airplane was the winner for the birthday theme as the day falls about 10 days after Halloween.
This year (the whole year) I have been testing and trying dairy/egg/soy free baking recipes. Ahaan is allergic to them but LOVES cakes and cupcakes. Last year, we had ordered a dairy/egg/soy free cake for his birthday. Which made me wonder about baking them at home instead of paying fortune to someone else. So the whole year, I tried and tested numerous recipes.
When his birthday rolled around, I was prepared….more or less. I baked all of the desserts (cakes, cupcakes, cookies and cake pops). I also baked white bread for kids’ sandwiches (since store brought bread has dairy on them).
I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. But I think it turned out good. I was satisfied. I also DIYed a lot of decors and signs to ensure it matched the color scheme I had in mind.
Kids had a blast (I think) and adults enjoyed (I hope). :)

Ahaan’s Mint Green, Gray and White Neutral Nursery

I had created this nursery for Ahaan sometime around his first birthday and I am finally getting around to posting these pics! Phew, life does get hectic after babies!
We needed to move Ahaan from his original nursery because he was quickly outgrowing the room (so much so that with all the furnitures, my husband and I could barely fit in there at the same time). Also because his previous nursery was the hottest room in the house, it was flaring up his eczema making him stuffy at night. I also wasn’t very proud of the old nursery so moving the nursery gave me an excuse to re-create that perfect room for him. In this nursery, I was able to put a lot of thought and inspiration to use. Now, I love hanging out in his new nursery :)