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PJ’s Baby Sprinkle


When my very good friend told me that she is having baby number 2, my mind raced to baby shower planning. :) I wanted to make sure it was absolutely special, elegant and wonderfully memorable event for her.

That's where PJ's sister and I went crazy exchanging ideas and tips to make sure this shower was even more special one than the first shower we threw for her. PJ's sister-in-law joined forces and then another one of our friend joined as a hostess as well.

The event was hosted at PJ's basement so it was a pain to keep most of the elements a secret. Also, mom-to-be wanted it to be ladies only event to which the hostesses happily obliged.



Decorating Style

We let the mom-to-be decide the theme: Sprinkle Shower. We wanted the shower to be classy and elegant with sprinkle theme showcased in a classy way. Then, we narrowed down to pink and gold color scheme. PJ's sister labored extra hours to do most of the DIY elements you see. What 4 of us ended up creating is something we all are very proud of. From deciding on a perfect cake, to working with the color scheme to ensuring all DIYs had special touch, we wanted to make sure that the mom-to-be felt extra special.

Hope you enjoy going through the pictures.

Favorite Items

The fire place décor, the dessert station and the centerpiece.


Do not keep the shower as a complete secret. Let mom-to-be a part of initial planning so she is aware that its happening and can provide some feedback on what her personal touch would be. Seriously, surprise baby shower is a big NO NO. You end up doing an extra work to keep things secret and you won't even be sure if mom-to-be likes the color you picked for her. Of course, keep small details as a surprise which is where the fun is. Just my two cents. :)

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