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Little Man’s Airplane Third Birthday Party


My little guy has been obsessed with two things this year: trains and airplanes. Since he told us he wanted to be a Thomas for Halloween, airplane was the winner for the birthday theme as the day falls about 10 days after Halloween.

This year (the whole year) I have been testing and trying dairy/egg/soy free baking recipes. Ahaan is allergic to them but LOVES cakes and cupcakes. Last year, we had ordered a dairy/egg/soy free cake for his birthday. Which made me wonder about baking them at home instead of paying fortune to someone else. So the whole year, I tried and tested numerous recipes.

When his birthday rolled around, I was prepared....more or less. I baked all of the desserts (cakes, cupcakes, cookies and cake pops). I also baked white bread for kids' sandwiches (since store brought bread has dairy on them).

I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. But I think it turned out good. I was satisfied. I also DIYed a lot of decors and signs to ensure it matched the color scheme I had in mind.

Kids had a blast (I think) and adults enjoyed (I hope). :)

Design Inspiration

I chose the color scheme of less popular robin-eggs blue (my favorite color!) and orange. It wasn't the typical red and blue airplane parties I had seen on Pinterest. Funnily, my hubby pointed out later that the color also matched the colors of my family room. Oh well, the color scheme also gave a "vintage" look that I was going for, so all was ok. :)

Obviously, I gathered a lot of ideas from Pinterest and Project Nursery.

Project Details

I DIYed most of the items.

Favorite Items

The passport photo-booth and the Styrofoam build-your-plane. Hubby helped me in making the airplane out of a cardboard box (since he successfully helped me build Ahaan's Thomas costume for Halloween from cardboard boxes).

And, kids loved building their Styrofoam planes and got so busy painting them. I loved it. :)


Do what feels right and combine ideas from different places. The result always turns out great!