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How to Survive a Plane Trip with Kids

My husband and I embarked on our FIRST ever plane trip with kids—two sons who are 2.5 and 8 months old. I did a lot of research before the flight to make sure we were prepared, and I truly don’t think we could have asked for a better experience. A lot of you were interested to hear how it went, so I’m back to share my best tips for surviving a plane trip with kids.

Best Gear for Plane Travel with Kids

City Mini Double Jogger & Stroller Travel Bag
We actually borrowed this stroller from a friend, and we loved it so much we are buying one for ourselves. It moves so smoothly and was easy to maneuver around the airport. We brought a travel bag so we were able to check the stroller at the gate.

Baby Jogger Double Stroller

Portable Sound Soother
If there’s a chance your baby might sleep in the stroller during a layover or in your lap on the plane, you may want to bring along a portable sound soother. This one is small, battery operated and can clip onto your bag or stroller.

Portable Sound Soother

Baby Carrier
Once we gate checked our stroller, I moved the baby into this carrier for boarding. A baby carrier is a must for plane travel with a baby. This way I could still be hands-free and hold my carry-on.

Plan Trip with Kids - Best Travel Diaper Bag and Baby Carrier

Fanny Pack Diaper Bag
This mini diaper bag made diaper changes on the plane so much easier. This thing is small but mighty. It can hold multiple diapers and has an insulated compartment to hold up to 20+ wipes at a time. It also comes with a changing pad that folds up and fits perfectly into the back pocket. Not only did we use this on the plane, but we used it at Disneyland and on hikes to significantly cut down on how much we were carrying.

Shop New Arrivals

    Best Entertainment for Toddler on a Plane

    iPad Mini & Toddler Headphones
    Hands down our number one saving grace with our toddler was the iPad. I know not everyone is big on screen time, but trust me, if there is any place to make an exception it is on a flight. If your kiddo is new to using an iPad you may also want to get a kids’ iPad case to keep it safe.

    Reusable Sticker Books
    These reusable sticker books were so fun and they took up a ton of time, which was great. After using all of the stickers on the actual books, we showed my son that he could stick them to the plane window, which doubled the activity time. Since they are reusable stickers, they don’t leave any residue behind and are perfectly safe for the windows and tray tables.

    Magna Tiles
    Another successful activity were these magnetic blocks. They allowed my son to build with blocks without them constantly falling over. If we were to do this again I would bring a magnetic tray for him to build on top of to really make it completely spill proof.

    Magna Tiles

    Magic Coloring Books
    Magic coloring books were perfect for the plane since the markers only work on the paper. My toddler did try to draw on the tray and seat a few times, so we were glad we stuck with these instead of regular markers.

    Best Entertainment for a Baby on a Plane

    Suction Spin Toy
    This is basically a fidget spinner that you can suction onto the tray table. This kept my baby entertained way longer than I expected, and the spinning totally cracked him up.

    Spinner Baby Toy

    Sensory Toy & Busy Baby Mat & Teether
    This toy has lots of tubes for the baby to grab. I looped it to this play mat so it wouldn’t fall on the ground and the mat was also a perfect placemat for snacks. My son’s first tooth also just popped through, so we had a variety of teethers for him.

    Breathable Nursing Cover
    I nursed the baby during takeoff and landing to help with his ears popping. This has been the best nursing cover I can find because it’s so breathable. I also used it as a blanket while he was sleeping. We also have heard a pacifier can help with ears too.

    Chic Nursing Cover

    Best Snacks for Kids Air Travel

    Lastly, we packed snacks galore! When in doubt, snacks always work. While we packed a lot of our usual snacks, we also threw in some novelty snacks that my son doesn’t usually eat to make them seem more exciting.

    Our Go-To Baby Snacks: Baby PuffsYogurt SnacksCreamies
    Favorite Toddler Snacks: Cheddar BunniesSnack BarsFruit BarsFruit SnacksPretzels

    How to Survive a Plane Trip with Kids

    What are your best tips for a plane trip with kids? Anything I missed that I should use next time? Comment below!

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