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Keeping the Disney Magic Alive

This past fall, my husband and I took our boys to Disneyland for the first time, and it was magical. As somewhat of a Disney Adult myself, it was so special to see my son light up when seeing his favorite characters in person. 

Since returning home, Mickey Mouse and his friends have pretty much been an obsession in our household, which means I’ve been on the hunt for new Disney merch. I was so excited to learn about the new PatPat Disney Collection!

I’ll admit there was a time when I was a “no-character mom.” I wanted my kids to wear all neutral, all the time. But the reality is, everyone’s life is easier with some Disney in it. The way my son jumps with literal joy when choosing between his Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck shirt is a happiness I never want to deprive him of. Not to mention, it makes our morning routine that much simpler when he’s excited to get dressed.

We recently took our two sons and nephew to the zoo, and the outfits from PatPat’s Disney Collection were perfect for the occasion. The bright colors and bold prints made it easy to spot the boys in the crowd, which allowed me to give them a little more freedom without me completely stressing out.

The clothes are made with a soft, breathable material called Naia—it’s sustainable, feels amazing on the skin and kept the kids cool in the warm weather. Plus, they’re designed with active kids in mind—the stretchy, breathable material kept my kids comfy even when climbing and running around.

After lunch, my youngest was covered in ketchup and ranch dressing. Luckily, I always pack a back-up. I love one-piece rompers because they are so easy to put on and take off of a wiggly toddler. We swapped our Mickey romper for a Donald Duck romper to match his brother and were ready to continue our day in no time.

While we don’t have another Disneyland trip in the works just yet, we’re keeping the Disney magic alive in the meantime. Check out this romper and t-shirt combo I got for my boys for our next beach day!

From cute t-shirts to comfy shorts and dresses, and even family matching outfits, PatPat’s Disney Collection has lots of unique styles for your little ones to look and feel their best this summer. I love that the collection offers coordinating outfits without being too matchy. I can dress my boys in outfits that look great together in photos without them having to wear the exact same thing! 

We had a wonderful day at the zoo and got to see so many cool animals. The boys got to run around and play at the different playgrounds within the exhibits. They all immediately fell asleep in the car before we could even leave the parking lot! 

Check out the PatPat Disney Collection for yourself, and save 15% with code nursery15 (code expiration 11/10/23).  

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