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Stylish Maternity Coats for the Winter

Maternity coats may be something you’ve been trying to avoid, but for all you mamas expecting a late fall, winter or early spring baby, a maternity coat may become a necessity for you.

Maternity Coats Roundup

The good news is maternity jackets have come a long way, and there are several convertible maternity coat options that continue to work after pregnancy!

We’re sharing those and other stylish coats in our maternity coat roundup. There is no reason you can’t look great while rocking a bump through the coldest months.

Convertible Maternity Coats

These 3-in-1 maternity coats feature a removable expander that can be used to give you extra belly room during pregnancy. Once your little winter baby is born, that same expander can be used as extra coverage when you are baby wearing (in tandem with a baby carrier, of course).

And when your baby wearing days are over or you’re just out without your little babe in tow, simply remove the expander altogether, and the coat functions as normal. They come available in mid length and full length.

Wool Blend Maternity Jackets

Both of these chic maternity coats look very flattering. If the idea of putting a puffer coat on over your ever-expanding belly is less than appealing, these tailored coats may be a better option for you.

Traditional Maternity Puffer Coats

If you prefer a straightforward maternity winter coat without an expander, these options—a maternity puffer in pretty colors or an eye-catching quilted coat—might be what you’re looking for.

Lighter Weight Maternity Jackets

If you live somewhere with mild winters, you may be able to get away with a lighter coat to get through the season. These plush and sherpa maternity coats look especially cozy.

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Maternity Coats and Maternity Jackets Roundup