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Vintage Inspired Floral Nursery with all the Cottage Core Vibes

You are going to love this super feminine, vintage-inspired floral nursery we are sharing with you today. Not only does it fit right into our 2024 nursery trend predictions—hello, cottage core!—it is such a warm and inviting space for a little girl to grow up. Mother of three, Cheznay Dones-Zold gave us all the inside scoop on this sweet nursery she designed for her daughter and told us why its vintage inspiration is especially important to her. You can also follow along with Cheznay and her family over on instagram. Thank you, Cheznay, for sharing with us!

Vintage Inspired Floral Nursery with Flower Framed Mirror and Scalloped Dresser
Dresser | Hydrangea Mirror | Changing Basket (similar)

Hi there! Cheznay here! I am a mother of three beautiful children. For many years, I was the only girl in our house, but finally last year, we were blessed with our beautiful daughter, Magnolia. We live in Texas right outside of Houston! In many ways, we are your typical everyday family juggling work, school, fun and chaos. We are a mixed family with many cultures in our blood. To put it simply, happy chaos, friends! 

Rocker in Vintage Inspired Floral Wallpaper in Baby Girl Nursery
Rocker (similar) | Crib (similar) | Fairy Wings

Where did you pull inspiration for your nursery design?
I pulled a lot of my inspiration from my own childhood. I grew up with my grandmother, in her home, shared with my papa. Her home is very loved and didn’t have many updated knick knacks. It was simply decorated with touches of my grandmother around every corner. She loved flowers and old fashioned things, although I don’t think she would admit that. I grew to love antique things as well and wanted to mix my girly side in this design as well.

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What part of the design process did you enjoy the most?
Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted a daughter. This would mean I would get to design the girliest, “vintage-iest” nursery I could ever imagine. I wanted it to be timeless, and I hope that this nursery will grow with her. I enjoyed curating just the right pieces to go with this feminine, vintage-inspired floral nursery theme. Even now, I am finding different pieces that give all the nostalgic feelings I would’ve wanted growing up. 

Pink Floral Nursery with Lots of Girly Details
Dresser | Hydrangea Mirror | Flower Play Mat | Wooden Play Gym (similar) | Tulip Basket (similar)

What is your favorite part or detail in your nursery?
My favorite part about this nursery would definitely have to be the wallpaper and bead board detailing around her entire nursery. I wanted a consistent look throughout the nursery, which is why I didn’t just do an accent wall. I call that wallpaper “the old lady kitchen” wallpaper. I love it so much, and I hung it myself with the help of my wonderful husband, Tyler. When you enter the room, it’s a burst of pink, which I’m absolutely in love with.

Vintage Inspired Pink Baby Girl Nursery with Floral Wallpaper
On the Door Organizer | Curtains | Rocker (similar) | Rug (similar)

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What is one thing that you would tell other parents to consider when starting their own nursery design project?  
Go for it! Do what makes you happy! Even if the project seems too big or too much work for the time that you don’t have, stick to it! You can do it! Research, research and more research. Oh, and if you are doing a nursery DIY, ask someone at your local hardware store, they can at least get you to a good starting point!  

Stacking Baskets with Scalloped Liners
Nesting Baskets

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Photography by @raising.boys.kindly 

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