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My Favorite Photograph Prints for the Nursery

Choosing artwork is arguably one of the hardest parts of designing a nursery. There are so many options available, and it’s easy to go down the rabbit hole searching for the perfect piece. In my experience, it’s best to narrow down the search by looking for a specific type of artwork, like a painting or photography. Photography is always one of my favorite options because it’s sophisticated and versatile, and depending on the subject matter, can be every bit as fun and whimsical as anything else. Here is a roundup of some of my favorite photograph prints for nurseries!

Favorite Photograph Prints for Nursery and Children's Room Art

From the top left – Row 1: Multi Colored Trucks by Leslee Mitchell, Tiny Wings by Andrew McClintock, Two Llamas with Pink Balloons III by Gray Malin Row 2: Kindred Camels by Sharon Montrose, Carousel Magique by Georgianna Lane, Pink Protea by Donna Delaney Row 3: You’re Always Welcome at the Parker by Gray Malin, Rainbow Umbrellas by Georgianna Lane, Daze by Angela Thompson Row 4: Up by Max Wanger, Ice Cream by Max Wanger, Pink and Yellow Cactus by Wilder California

I’ve chosen the above photographic prints from a few of my go-to photography resources. Each one has a specific feel and has options for nursery and kid’s room style artwork in their portfolio. Also, almost all of them allow you to customize with framing as well. I always recommend choosing plexiglass instead of real glass for a nursery space.

1. Gray Malin. You have likely seen a Gray Malin piece without even knowing it. He is well known for his aerial beach photography and more recently for his adorable series that features animals at The Parker Hotel in Palm Springs.

2. Leslee Mitchell. I love Leslee Mitchell because she has a huge selection of car and place themed photographic prints that are perfect for a nursery. And bonus, they’re not just for boys! She even has car prints in pink. They are simple and minimal and not at all too juvenile.

3. Minted. OK, so Minted isn’t a single photographer, but rather a large artwork inventory that includes many great photographers. You can sort by style, color or subject matter and look through a lot of great options. Minted started out in the paper printing business (you’ve probably received a baby announcement or holiday card made by them), and have added art printing to their repertoire.

4. Sharon Montrose. You’ve definitely seen Sharon Montrose’s work. You know all those adorable baby animal photos that so many nurseries have? That’s likely Sharon Montrose. She was the first to make baby animal photographs hugely popular, and her work is signature. You can find her prints in The Project Nursery Shop as well.

5. Georgianna Lane. Her work is pure eye candy! I love browsing through Lane’s work because it’s unapologetically beautiful. She travels Europe to get stunning photographs of florals, architecture, sweet pastries and perfectly imperfect doorways. If you’re after soft pastels and graceful blooms, definitely check her out.

6. Max Wanger. I love Max Wanger because his work is very minimal, but still colorful and fun. Known for his understated nature photography, Wanger’s portfolio also includes whimsical and even humorous pieces perfect for a nursery or kid’s room.

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Ariana Wolks

Wednesday 19th of January 2022

Nice prints. I like them too!

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Tuesday 16th of June 2020

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