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Barbie Blank’s Serene Neutral Nursery for Twins

Here at Little Crown Interiors, we recently had the pleasure of working with Barbie Blank on her nursery for twins! She was having one girl and one boy, so she wanted the space to be completely neutral. When we design for twins, there are often challenges with the floor plan and spacing, but we lucked out in this nursery because we were able to easily fit two full sized cribs!

When you walk into the nursery, the first thing you see is the crib wall, so we knew we wanted some great looking cribs! We went with the beautiful Radley 4-in-1 Crib because the two-tone detail really adds to the room. Behind the cribs, we used a gorgeous neutral abstract wallpaper on top of white wainscoting to highlight the space and give it dimension.

Because Barbie was having twins, we knew we needed a big cozy glider. The Juno Swivel Glider was the perfect option with super comfortable cushions and side pillows for feeding. We also added a faux leather pouf that can be used as a second seat in the nursery as well.

Barbie really wanted to add a special touch to this nursery, so we chose some adorable custom wood wall names from Timberwood Designs. Each one was personalized, and we had some matching blocks made too!

We wanted to choose some crib sheets with a cute pattern, so we went with the Kendi diamond print crib sheets. We also used some pillows and blankets from the same line so they’d coordinate.

On the opposite side of the nursery, we had the changing table area. We used the two-tone Radley 6-Drawer Dresser that coordinated with the cribs. Having both the white and wood tones in the nursery really added contrast and interest to the space.

We added a mirror over the dresser to help bounce the light around and reflect the beautiful wallpaper.

Barbie Blank in her twins' nursery
Barbie Blank in Neutral Twin Nursery designed by Little Crown Interiors

We love how this nursery came together, and the twins are loving it too! If you want to see some great behind the scenes and photos of the twins, head over to Barbie’s Instagram.

Photography by Daniel Dahler

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