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Shared Girls Room that Maximizes the Small Space

My two girls have shared a room since the younger of the two was only 18 months old. We had to make room for their baby brother, which meant re-configuring a nursery into a shared room. Now that the girls are even older (ages 8 and 9), their room needed to grow with their needs again, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Shared Girls Room and Space Saving Ideas

The girls are at the ages now where they need their own work space, and to be quite honest, I was tired of them taking over my dining table with all their gear! I sourced these amazing floating wall desks, which quickly solved my biggest problem. My girls’ beds have trundle beds below them that pull out for when we need extra space for visiting friends or family. I didn’t want to have to move a desk out of the way each time I needed to pull them out.

Wall mounted desks allow for space saving and also allow for trundle beds to be easily pulled in and out!

I found matching (and inexpensive) desk chairs that are lightweight and easy to move around if I need. I added in blush pink desk accessories, an aqua desk lamp, and a rose gold stapler and tape dispenser. I found matching colorful storage boxes and put those on top as well.

I styled the new desks with accessories that matched their room.

One thing I love about these floating desks is that they give each of my girls a place to call her own in a room where almost everything is shared. They can express a bit of themselves.

Mounted Wall Desks make room for trundles underneath beds

I found these glitter snow globes where you can add in your own photos, and I put in a recent photo of our kids on a ski trip.

Glitter Snow Globes You Can Customize with Your Own Photos

At Trader Joe’s, I found these perfectly pink succulents to add a bit of living greenery!

Succulents add a bit of greenery and are easy to take care of!

We also replaced an old baby changing table that the girls were sharing and using as a dresser with two new dressers since their clothes are also growing in size. I kept the same painted frame wall decor that has existed in this room every since Ariella had it as her nursery!

Two Dressers in Girls Shared Room with Empty Frame Wall Display

My girls LOVE their new floating desks! My favorite thing is how this room has evolved and changed through the years with my kids! (See it as a nursery and as a shared little girl room.)

A place to call her own inside her shared room!

And I love having my dining room back! It’s a win for everyone!

Mounted Wall Desk in Girls Room

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