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DIY Hand Painted Throw Pillows

We put together an easy DIY project that will give a plain throw pillow cover a modern and graphic personality. This project is super easy, super affordable and the best part? It doesn’t require the labor of a needle and thread. So if you are looking for something crafty to do this coming weekend or maybe you want to add a unique touch to the new nursery, follow our simple step-by-step instructions below to make these DIY graphic pillows.

We worked with two linen square pillow cases (18″x18″) that come with an invisible zipper. We chose the colors dark gray and light gray for a baby boy nursery design. However, if these colors do not suit your décor, you can find the same gorgeous pillow inserts in six different colors, including a charming blush.

DIY Graphic Pillows Tutorial - Project Nursery

Materials: linen pillow cushion cover with zipper (I got mine from Amazon for $7.99), black fabric paint, paintbrushes, and tape.

Start by using tape to create a grid on the pillow covers. Follow the grid layout below or get creative and create your own. Once the grid is done, make sure you insert either a sheet of cardboard inside the cover or a folded plastic bag so that your paint doesn’t bleed through to the reverse side of the pillow. Grab your paintbrushes and black paint, and start dabbing on your design. I used a round foam brush for the dots and a regular brush for the thin lines. For the thicker lines, I decided to use a cotton swab to create a more rustic and uneven pattern. I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with any pattern you choose as long as you have a grid as the base. After you are done painting your geometric elements, remove the tape and get ready to fall in love with your new pillow covers.

We combined neutrals and naturals for a baby boy’s room that is modern and inviting. I love the look of geometric designs in kids’ bedrooms. These two pillows help the room look elegant while keeping it fun. It is amazing how adding a few geometric shapes to a pillow cover can create a custom look. As a matter of fact, I like this look so much that I think I will be using these covers in my own living room.

DIY Graphic Pillows Tutorial - Project NurseryStreamers Wall Decal + How to Build and Airplane Print

DIY Graphic Pillows Tutorial - Project Nursery

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