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Confession: I’m a high chair junkie. I have two babies—only one old enough to need a high chair—but I’ve gone through FIVE high chairs. I just couldn’t find one I liked. I’m a total Goldilocks over here, every chair had a problem—too small, too big, a black hole that food falls though, hard to clean and so on. Throw in my sometimes unrealistic desire that every piece of baby equipment we own be attractive, and finding a highchair was a full-time job! Then we tried Skip Hop’s TUO Convertible High Chair, and I’m in love.

Skip Hop's TUO Convertible High Chair

And it looks as though this beauty likes it, too! High fives all around!

In case you like to switch things up, the seat pad is reversible and you can easily switch from gray to white for a new look, which is much more affordable than following my lead of purchasing a new high chair every month. I could go on and on about how much I love the design, but instead I’ll just say that my sister who doesn’t have kids yet walked in our house the other day and commented on our awesome new high chair. WHAT? Usually it’s all “hide all the ugly baby stuff” before anyone comes over. Don’t worry, I made a mental note to gift her one when the time comes!

I wish I could tell you that it’s all fruits and veggies over here, but we’re known to eat a Cheeto or ten, and those get messy. The wipe-clean seat and removable, dishwasher-safe tray makes cleanup much more manageable. And finally, the high chair converts into a child’s chair. How fun is that? Once we master eating like a big girl, we’ll move it into our playroom for her to use at the arts and crafts table.

Skip Hop's TUO Convertible High Chair

Skip Hop's TUO Convertible High Chair

  • And BONUS: it’s sturdy, so when we’re dealing with an “eat your green beans” temper tantrum, I don’t have to worry. The only thing that would make me rate this chair higher is if it were able to break our current food-throwing habits.

Skip Hop's TUO Convertible High Chair

Skip Hop’s TUO Convertible High Chair is available for $160.

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