Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Is it just me, or are there babies everywhere right now? We will welcome five new babies into our family this year alone! As a mom of three and someone in the baby business, there’s a lot of pressure on me to have the best and most unique baby shower gift at the party! I’ve never been one to give the super practical stuff. I mean, let’s be honest, how fun is it really to open a bathtub or breast pump?

One of my favorite gifts that I received at my shower was not on my registry. I know, gasp right? But trust me, it got all the oohs and aahs. In honor of creative (and non-registered) gifts everywhere, I’m putting together some of my favorite go-to gifts—creative, functional and, most importantly, memorable.

I love to give personalized gifts—a bib, a blanket, a burp cloth—these are all items that you will have a million of, but you always reach for the personalized ones for those “public appearances,” and it’s always the personalized gifts you hold on to the longest. I love these monogram chevron bibs.

Personalized Chevron Bibs

If you don’t have time to order something monogrammed, there’s different ways to add that personalized touch. Every mom will tell you, you can’t have enough washcloths, especially the thin ones that can be used for almost any type of baby mess. How cute is this baby pea pod washcloth set? It’s so easy to make and practical, and if you’re hosting the shower, how perfect would these be as décor too!

Pea Pod Washcloths - Unique Baby Shower Gift - Project Nursery

I can’t get over how cute these onesie cupcakes are! You just have to find your favorite onesies, and roll away. Label the box with “Baby’s Bakery” or something else super sweet—no pun intended!—and you’re all set.

Cupcake Onesies - Unique Baby Shower Gift - Project Nursery

Everyone has seen the traditional diaper cake, right? How about diaper babies? All you need are some diapers, washcloths, googly eyes and time (how awesome would it be if you could buy time!). I’m pretty sure these little guys would be the hit of any shower.

Diaper Babies - Unique Baby Shower Gift - Project Nursery

I’ve saved the best for last. This is a simple gift but one that mom will treasure for years to come, especially when she’s trying to dig out the shot records the day before school starts. This is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that any parent can relate to. I’d like to personally thank the friend who gifted me mine. It’s given me eight years of sanity knowing all of my info is together for all the kiddos. Meet the baby file folder—brilliant, just brilliant.

Baby Organizer File Folder - Unique Baby Shower Gift - Project Nursery

It’s just your basic accordion folder from an office supply store. You can add colorful folders, pretty tabs and maybe include a cute envelope for hospital bands, first tooth, etc. I found this great DIY post on making your own baby organizer, and she lists a bunch of useful folder titles. Go ahead, you know you want to make one for yourself too!

Do you buy off the registry or do you like to find that extra-special gift?


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    For my best friends baby shower, instead of a diaper cake, I made her a motorcycle out of diapers, receiving blankets,a bottle, and a cute little stuffed animal. Everyone loved it!!

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    Makes me wish one of my girl friends get pregnant so I could try one of these cutie shower gifts!

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    Personally, I’d be much more excited to open a breast pump or something off the registry than get thin washcloths or onesies sculpted into an object they aren’t, and that I then need to dismantle (making it cute for all of 5 seconds) to be able to see the gift properly. To me, cakes & alternatives all look rather tacky – but, I get that I am in the minority! I love the baby file folder, though!

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    The perfect handmade gifts that I have received at my baby shower and so far my favorite baby stuff ever was the baby bibs. My friend sews me three bibs and they are all adorable. I could say DIY gifts are amazing.

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    Such a lovely gifts. I have a month ago from Gingker Kids during the birthday of my niece. I bought some bibs, baby thermometer and baby backseat mirror. Check it out!

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    I love the accordion folder! Would love to make this for my daughter. Can you send me what all the folders are for, can only see a few in the photo? thank you!

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    I thought they were all great ideas and basically cute :) Some people out there don’t appreciate the effort and the time making these cute gifts. I’d rather have someone make me one of these than a store bought gift. It’s the thought that counts. :)

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    some people think they are just to high class for things like this . i think these are so cute the diaper babies would look cute on tables. i love them

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