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5 Easy Steps to Create a DIY Floral Letter

Remember when you could just hang a monogram over the crib and call it a day? Yeah, me either. Thank goodness, because we absolutely can’t get enough of all the fabulous focal walls popping up in nurseries. And these days, we can’t talk about nurseries without talking floral. There’s nothing more popular or timeless than florals in a nursery design—from shabby chic and pastel watercolor to bold digital style prints—the floral trend is going strong. It’s everywhere, ya’ll. I can’t open Pinterest without seeing a flower in a nursery! With every swipe, you’ll see a version of this popular decor trend, and we decided to put our own twist on the DIY floral letter with this fabulous mossy green background panel.

It took just five easy steps to create our own DIY floral letter, which could be used for a nursery, kid’s room, office—wherever! The entire project took me less than an hour; it’s super simple and requires ZERO artistic talent!

DIY Floral Letter Tutorial - Project NurseryMadeline Crib Bedding

Materials: foam board, moss sheets, silk flowers, scissors, hot glue gun

We purchased everything we needed at Michaels. The moss sheets were sold in squares, strips or circles—we opted for squares so they would be easy to line up straight. The purple roses were sold in bunches and were the perfect shade of lilac to go with the Madeline Crib Bedding.

DIY Floral Letter Tutorial - Project Nursery

Glue the moss across the foam board to the size you want. You could even go bigger and spell out the entire name or make room for three initials. I used three 10″ squares.

Detach the flowers from the stems (I literally just pulled them off). Sometimes they have short stems on the back of them, and we recommend trimming those off with scissors, so they lay flat when you’re gluing them to the board. But you do, what you do! You can’t mess this up!

DIY Floral Letter Tutorial - Project Nursery

Use your pile of flowers to lay out your letter design. You may prefer a block style letter or script—it’s totally up to you! Make sure you are spreading out your colors and different sizes of the flowers. I definitely played with mine a little before committing to a final flower position.

DIY Floral Letter Tutorial - Project Nursery

To begin securing the flowers, I literally just picked up each flower one at a time and put hot glue on the back. I started at the bottom to make sure I had the flowers close together, and once all the flowers were attached, I added a few cute leaves around the border. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect! Start with the big flowers, and use the small ones to fill in the holes.

DIY Floral Letter Tutorial - Project Nursery

Ta-da! Super easy, right? I should probably have included a vacuum or broom in the supplies list because LET. ME. TELL. YOU. that moss makes a mess. But I love how it adds texture to the piece, and it’s the perfect backdrop for a floral letter monogram. Keep in mind, like all wall decor, you will want to hang this out of baby’s reach. Happy hot gluing, friends!

DIY Floral Letter Tutorial - Project Nursery

We completed the look with this popular floral crib bedding. Navy has become so popular for baby girls, and it complements any shade of purple! Happy decorating!

Madeline Dark Floral Crib Bedding from Caden Lane

Laura Vinet Stanaland

Friday 5th of August 2022

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