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DIY: Mason Jar Cookies Favor

We’re all looking for easy, right? With the hustle and bustle of family, work and trying to find time for yourself, we need things easy and affordable when it comes to our kids’ parties. These DIY mason jar cookies in a jar party favors are so simple, and your little ones can assemble them with you.

Mason jar or glass container
Plastic mini animal or item that matches the theme of your party
Krazy Glue
Foam brush
Modge Podge
Cookie recipe ingredients

DIY Mason Jar Cookies Favor - Project Nursery

Krazy glue your animal to the lid of the mason jar. You can purchase colored mason jar lids or simply use the ones they come with. Let stand to dry for about five minutes.

DIY Cookies in a Jar - Project Nursery

Coat the animal with a thin layer of Mod Podge.

DIY Cookies in a Jar - Project Nursery

Sprinkle glitter over the glue-covered animal. I used a paper plate to catch the excess glitter to return it to its container when we were done. Really coat this little guy so he is super sparkly! Let it stand for about an hour.

Glitter Animal Jar Top - Project Nursery

In the meantime, layer the cookie ingredients into your jars. Pack it in tight so it will all fit! We used a recipe for Butterscotch Cookies with the measurements specifically broken down per jar. I created a little sticker for the bottom that had the directions. You can type these up or write them by hand. Punch it out with a circle hole punch, and adhere it to the bottom of your jar. We added a tag and some baker’s twine for a little extra decoration.

Mason Jar Cookies Favor - Project Nursery

Use them as party favors, teacher gifts or quick holiday gifts. It’s such a fun and easy craft for you and the kids that it makes gift giving even more special!

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  2. avatar Beth_PN says:

    Rebekah found them in this etsy shop ( I don’t see them listed right now, but maybe you could contact the shop owner?

  3. avatar Becky Bullard says:

    Where did you get the colored mason jar lids? I can’t seem to find them online.

  4. avatar Zen says:

    Yeah, I tried spray painting toy animals and it looked fine. I am hesitant to use glitters, too, because they stick to the fingers and are very hard to scrub off. My kids are fond of rubbing their eyes, and glitter particles might get in them.

  5. avatar Freya Natasha Fernandez Dy says:

    What’s the best alternative to glitters? spray paint?

  6. avatar Alison Mar says:

    Neat idea. I will surely make something like this for Christmas.