Nursery Organization Ideas

One of my first priorities when designing a space is function. Of course the aesthetics will come, but function is the key. I also love to maximize my organization. One of the DIY project ideas I have used in all of my nurseries is adding a peg rail to the side of the dresser or changing table. It’s a great place to hang towels, bibs or a diaper stacker. Plus, for a few dollars, you can easily add more function to an existing piece.

Peg Rail Added to Changing Table - Project Nursery

Here are a few more ideas I stumbled upon that I thought you would enjoy. First up, this darling idea is to hang baskets on the wall for storage. I found this picture in the project gallery.

Wire Basket Wall Shelves - Project Nursery

How about this tiered basket storage? Brilliant! Take a tiered kitchen basket and re-purpose it in the nursery as the perfect spot to stash washcloths, burp cloths and lotions.

Tiered Kitchen Basket Diaper Storage - Project Nursery

Have you ever thought about adding a peg board to your nursery? Take a look at this nursery pegboard idea. Paint a piece of peg board, add some hooks and baskets, and there you go—diapers and wipes at the ready during those frantic I-need-a-diaper-now moments.

Pegboard in Nursery - Project Nursery

Do you have a fabulous nursery organization DIY you want to share? Comment below and add your project to the gallery!


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    I have an 18-month old son and one on the way. Finding adequate diaper storage that is
    easily accessible and that satisfies my wife’s desire for appropriate décor has been a project of mine that has turned into this new idea. Not sure how folks will like it but check out my site and follow me on twitter and face book if you like it

    If you don’t like it please share your thoughts. Greatly appreciated!

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    I am looking for that 3 tier wire baskets, can you tell me where to find this one, the ones I have found look to much like kitchen ones. Thanks Lk

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