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Baby Registry: Nightlights

When you first start your baby registry, you realize just how many baby products are out there. It’s overwhelming for anybody but especially for first-time expecting parents, who, shall we say, have a lot of other things on their mind! We’d love to help you narrow down the playing field here at Project Nursery as you check items off your registry list.


Whether you’re peeking in at your sleeping baby or wandering in sleepy eyed for a night feeding, nightlights are a must in the nursery. The low light helps keep both you and baby in the sleepy frame of mind, making it easier to put baby back down to sleep. Not to mention, nightlights transition perfectly into the toddler room to help with that pesky fear of the dark and nightmares.

Nursery Nightlights - Project Nursery

Gummy Bear Night Light, Star Egg Nightlight, Personalized Nightlight, Twilight Constellation Nightlight, Tykelight Wallmate Nightlight


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  1. avatar Kitty says:

    I love the twilight constellation nightlight. It feels like you are sleeping under the stars!

  2. avatar Jillian Scotts says:

    Yes, this one. they have a lot of lovely and charming night lights that you can see in their site.

  3. avatar Jillian Scotts says:

    Oh yeah, I remember that one, too.

  4. avatar Patt Adams says:

    I think you have also featured nightlights a while back and there was this gorgeous mosaic glass ones that I really loved.