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Flip the Instagram Script with Our #ThisIsOurMessy Giveaway

Mohawk Carpet

If anyone knows what real life looks like, it’s moms. For the next two weeks, we’ve partnered with Mohawk to flip the script and bring your real-life photos to the forefront for a fun giveaway instagram contest. […]


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Readers’ Favorite: Pink & Girly DIY Birthday Party!

This birthday party is as pretty in pink as it gets and best of all, it was done on a DIY budget using tips from various blogs for inspiration. Congratulations to abubblylife for creating a party that was simple, feminine and elegant using creativity and imagination. Off to the market now to buy some pretty pink flowers! Pink & Girly


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Creating a Photo Book: A Labor of Love

Photo books make some of the best presents. I love making these books as holiday, birthday or “thank you for the weekend” gifts—it takes me down memory lane, and I get so much pleasure putting them together. If you’re looking for a creative gift to give this year and have some spare time on your hands (insert giant sigh here),


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Photographer’s How-To: Capture Your Active Toddler With Ease + Giveaway

Toddlers are really fast movers and have endless amounts of energy which makes snapping that perfectly posed photo near impossible. My toddler son is notorious for giving me either a silly face, tongue out or forced oversized grin. Thank heavens for the digital camera right? I snap away without commitment and I know I’ll get a few shots with a natural smile and adorable face. When it comes to capturing your toddler in action, New York based photographer and mom of three Johanna Lindsay has it down pat.


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Giveaway: Thompson and Spring Photography

Family photography is an investment to be cherished. When I gaze at the baby shots that adorn the walls in my hallway, it makes me smile and takes me back to a certain age or precious moment in time. The placement of great photography is the art on my walls. It truly doubles as decor and a beautiful story, so


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Giveaway: Bug and Bean Photography

Do you remember those family photo sessions where you placed your hand on mom’s shoulder while standing next to her? Or what about those studio photos as a kid where your profile magically appears like a ghost floating next to your head! Like a bad 80’s hair-do, it was a sign of the times. Thankfully, children’s photography has come a