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Sunology: The Natural Sunblock

I’ve been using a new sunscreen on the market called Sunology®, and I have to say no one in my family (who by the way, are clocking in some serious beach and pool hours this summer), has been burned by the east coast sun using this extremely water-resistant lotion. This company states that it is a “safe, effective sunblock for


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Native Shoes: The Toddler “IT” Shoe

I know, I know, I should be writing about fabulous nursery finds, but I just had to share my urban observations with you, dear PN readers, and write about the trend that is taking Manhattan by storm. You can find these “it” shoes at every water park and playground around town. Native Shoes are waterproof and comfortable—kinda perfect for water


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Non-Toxic Paint for Your Nursery

I’m looking to jazz up my daughter’s nursery, and I stumbled upon Lullaby Paints. This paint company has no toxins and solvents in their products. The company states that their paint is “specially formulated to protect those people most at risk, while offering discerning parents the opportunity to create an exquisite, special room for their most treasured addition.” They also


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Looking for Mary Poppins

Hiring a nanny is super stressful. I know, I’ve been there. These are a few helpful questions to ask when in search of Mary Poppins: Start with a telephone interview. State the start date, hours and salary. If your alarm bell is going off or this person is not a good fit, move on. If you like the answers the


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Johanna’s Small Nursery Organization Tips

While attending the Big City Moms event last week, I met many soon-to-be new mamas who were asking for tips on how to design and organize a nursery in a small space. Here are some of my favorite tips. image via customnursery.com There is no need for a changing table. A dresser topped with a changing pad works perfectly. Products


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Beat the Baby Weight: Questions with Personal Trainer Carly Pizzani

After having my third baby, my body did not bounce back as quickly as after my two previous pregnancies with my boys. I needed to take my body back, so I worked with a personal trainer at my local gym. I hated every aspect of weight training. I had a tough trainer who would exhaust me and make me sweat.