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Giveaway: Minted Holiday Cards

It seems that as soon as the calendar hits December 1st, the mailbox gets a whole lot more fun to visit. I absolutely love all the beautiful cards and letters we receive from friends and family over the holiday season. Family photo cards are a favorite and I always marvel at how faces change and families grow from year to year.


It’s official, the hunt is on to find that perfect family holiday card. Need some inspiration? The selection of photo cards at Minted is top rate. The designs and quality are bar none and the ordering process is quick and easy. (Order your holiday cards now and get Free Shipping until November 8th!) With “the freshest designs on paper” Minted creations not only include holiday cards but wedding, party and baby announcements as well.



Win It! Minted is giving away 100 Flat or Folded Holiday Cards (a $250 value) to one lucky Project Nursery reader! Visit Minted and comment back with your absolute favorite holiday card design. (There are so many it will be hard to choose just one!) Contest ends Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 at 11:59pm PST.

1. Become a fan of Project Nursery on Facebook and comment.
2. Follow Project Nursery on Twitter, tweet about it and comment.
3. Subscribe to PN or Minted and comment to let us know you did!
4. Post on our Forum and comment.
5. Blog it and comment.

*Please comment separately for each on this post.

CONTEST CLOSED – Congrats Mami2jcn


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  1. How sad am I – contest closed. Oh well. xo

  2. I am a PN follower on Twitter too. xo

  3. avatar Steph says:

    I follow on twitter and just tweeted @steph2pigs

  4. avatar Steph says:

    I’m a facebook fan

  5. avatar Steph says:

    I’m a follower

  6. avatar Steph says:

    I like the Snow Flurries card!

  7. avatar sangeetha says:

    I follow and subscribe

  8. avatar Gianna says:

    Snowflake Tree Holiday Photo Cards in green :)

  9. avatar trixx says:

    I’m a subscriber

  10. avatar trixx says:

    My fave are the ‘Waiting on Santa’ Holiday Photo Cards, how beautiful!

  11. avatar chastidy says:

    I love the Winter Chic Holiday Photo Cards :)

  12. avatar Lisa says:

    I’m a subscriber

  13. avatar Lisa says:

    The Candy Tree Holiday Photo Cards are so fun & unique!

  14. avatar oneangel says:

    My favorite is the Celebrate Snow card.

  15. avatar Heather says:

    I love the Sweet Star Holiday Photo Cards.

  16. avatar David Patterson says:

    Cute cards count me in!

  17. avatar Rose O. says:

    I like the Snow Flake Window card – the first one I came to on the site!

  18. avatar lonne says:

    love the holidays,especially sending cards to a bunch of people that never expect it.thats what its all about,thanks

  19. avatar Tammy says:

    I really feel in love with almost all of them but I would have to say that I liked the Mistletoe Wreath Holiday Photo Cards

  20. avatar Eileen says:

    I just subscribed by email. ejrichter60 (at) gmail (dot) com.
    Looking forward to seeing your blogs, reviews, and other fun life “stuff”. Have 6 kids of my own ages 10-28, and now having grandkids…so excited to see new things out there for them and wishing and praying for many more “little blessings” in our family for years to come…

  21. avatar Eileen says:

    Joy to Your World (by guess what) in the formal category is just so beautiful…I love the idea of showing a few warm family pictures in sequence like this!!! AND saying joy to YOUR world in stead of joy to THE world shows more friendship, love, and personal feeling.
    We havent been able to afford to send cards out for a long time, but were saying last year that we HAVE to…as our kids have grown so fast and many people we dont get to see often have missed our family journey through pictures and holidays. THanks to Minted for the chance to try theirs!!!

    ejrichter60 (at) gmail (dot) com

  22. avatar jennifer h says:

    I really like the Celebrate Snow Holiday Card.

  23. avatar dre says:

    And my favorite design… Hmmmm… I like the preppy monogrammed holiday card a lot!

  24. avatar mae says:

    Posted on the forum!

  25. avatar dre says:

    I’m a facebook fan!

  26. avatar Wendy says:

    Already a Twitter follower also! :)

  27. avatar Wendy says:

    I am already a FB fan of Project Nursery! I’m new and officially addicted!!!!

  28. avatar tuesday says:

    I just love the Snowflake Tree Holiday Photo Cards!

  29. avatar Janet Carpenter says:

    I’m a facebook fan of Minted – Janet Maya Carpenter

  30. avatar Janet Carpenter says:

    You’re right there are too many to choose one fave! Wow, great designs. I’m just blown away, I love so many. I think if I’m lucky enough to win, I would choose Snowflake Frame Holiday Photo Cards by Ringo Baby with a picture of my daughter…. unless we get a decent picture of the three of us.

    Thanks so much for such a great givveaway! And so generous.

  31. avatar Wehaf says:

    I love the hip new year holiday photo cards!

  32. avatar Teresa says:

    Awesome cards!

    I like the Polka Dot Frame Holiday Photo Cards.

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  33. avatar shawna says:

    Christmas Lights Holiday Photo Cards is our fav.

  34. avatar Heather M says:

    Facebook fan Heather Mahan

  35. avatar Heather M says:

    Festive Greetings and O starry Night!

  36. avatar Kathy says:

    I loved the Snowflake Tree Holiday Photo Card. All of the cards were great. Hard to pick just one.

  37. avatar artsweet says:

    I like the Thinking of you hanukkah cards – what a great site!

  38. avatar Kristi Walden says:

    I also have an account and have ordered from Minted previously, so I guess I am a subscriber of minted

  39. avatar Kristi Walden says:

    I am a follower of PN

  40. avatar Kristi Walden says:

    The holiday Nostalgia card is my favorite and actually the christmas card that I am planning on ordering, would LOVE to win!!

  41. avatar Diane Baum says:

    I love the snowflake window cards.

  42. avatar Jackee says:

    Following projectnursery on twitter as happeegirl

  43. avatar Jackee says:

    Project nursery fan on face book (jack S.)

  44. avatar Jackee says:

    I love the “float + peace Holiday Photo Cards”

  45. avatar Kathy Scott says:

    Holiday Nostalgia is lovely.

  46. avatar Crystal says:

    Subscribed to Project Nursery.

  47. avatar Crystal says:

    Became a fan on Facebook & left a comment.

  48. avatar Crystal says:

    I love the Snowflake Tree Holiday Photo Cards!

  49. avatar Amanda says:

    I have your calendar from last year. I LOVE it! Thanks for the contest!

  50. avatar Courtney S says:

    I love the Holiday Stripes Holiday Photo Cards.

  51. avatar roseh2o19 says:

    snowflake tree

  52. avatar Valerie C. says:

    I’ve been an email subscriber to Project Nursery for a while now. Thanks :)

  53. avatar Valerie C. says:

    I’m a Facebook fan of Project Nursery. Thanks!

  54. avatar Valerie C. says:

    I liked several. But, I think I’d buy ” Away In a Manger Holiday Photo Cards “. I could do 2 photos with this style! Thanks.

  55. avatar Mami2jcn says:

    I subscribed to Project Nursery.

  56. avatar Mami2jcn says:

    My favorite is the candy cane holiday photo card.

  57. avatar Casey says:

    It’s a toss up between Oh What Fun and Waiting on Santa cards. Too hard to make a choice!

  58. avatar Leslie says:

    I just love Minted! My favorite design is the Mittens Holiday photo card!

  59. avatar jina says:

    I love this card… “Holiday Nostalgia” Holiday Photo Cards. Thank you guys for what you do!

  60. avatar Rosie says:

    You’re right! It was super difficult to choose my favorite. I think I’d go with the Polka Dot Frame Holiday Photo Cards.

  61. avatar Holly W says:

    I follow projectnursery on Twitter and Tweeted!

  62. avatar Holly W says:

    I love the Snowflake Tree Holiday Photo Cards!

  63. avatar Beth says:

    subscribe to both PN and minted!

  64. avatar Beth says:

    follow on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway!

  65. avatar Beth says:

    already a fan on facebook!

  66. avatar Amy says:

    Hip New Year by Annie Clark

  67. avatar Edwards says:

    I love the ‘polka dot frame’ christmas card. Been checking out for awhile now so I was excited to see this contest. :)

  68. avatar Natasha says:

    Love, love, love the “float + deer damask” cards

  69. avatar Tonya M says:

    Follow on Twitter – Devnzacsmom

  70. avatar Tonya M says:

    It was close but Snowflake Window Holiday Photo Cards narrowly edged out happy dots

  71. avatar Janna Johnson says:

    I love the snowflake windows card!
    Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

    Janna Johnson

  72. avatar April says:

    I like the Christmas Tree Lights Holiday Photo Cards

  73. avatar Sarah says:

    definitely partridge in a pear tree!! Love it!

  74. avatar Darlene T says:

    Candy Cane Holiday Photo Cards

  75. avatar stephaniewoods26 says:

    How can I pick just one when they are seriously all amazing! But, I do love the Vintage Holiday Holiday photo card the most! I love how it isn’t totally holiday, so whomever I send it to can make it part of their photo collecion that they display year round, ie. grandparents!

  76. avatar Ashley says:

    I subscribe to PN in reader.

  77. avatar Ashley says:

    I am a PN facebook fan.

  78. avatar Ashley says:

    I love the Stripes and Pine Holiday Photo Cards!

  79. avatar Renee says:

    I like the Holiday Delights photo card. very cool site!

  80. avatar Sue says:

    I love the Simple Wishes Holiday Photo Cards. Thanks for the giveaway~!

    s.mickelson at gmail dot com

  81. avatar Stacey says:

    i follow the pn blog

  82. avatar Stacey says:

    My fave is the float + peace holiday card!

  83. avatar Monique Rizzo says:

    I like the sweet star holiday photo cards. Thanks for the chance.

  84. avatar Bitty says:

    I love “simple charm” in berry red!! Awesome site.

  85. avatar grace says:

    I like Holiday Cheer, among MANY others!

  86. avatar familyroberts says:

    I’m also a subscriber

  87. avatar familyroberts says:

    Lovin the Simple Charm Holiday Photo card in red! What fun it would be to send those out at Christmas to all our friends & family :-)

  88. avatar Kelly Colucci says:

    I love the Stripes and Pine cards. So LUXE!

  89. avatar James Jenkins says:

    love the Gift Wrap Holiday Card design

  90. avatar Lo says:

    I love the Twilight Stars card. Thanks!

  91. avatar Jennifer Lleras says:

    my absolute favorite design is the joyeux noel holiday photo cards!

  92. avatar Michelle says:

    I love the card that said Let it Snow.

  93. avatar Cee says:

    So many to choose from! I like the Candy Tree design, as well as the Good Tidings design with the berries. Thank you for this giveaway!

  94. avatar Laura says:

    I love the Gift Wrap Holiday Card design…I’m thinking that’s the one for us this year!

  95. avatar Alicia says:

    Became a fan on Facebook!

  96. avatar Alicia says:

    I love the sweet star holiday photo card. I also like the winter chic card.

  97. avatar Sara says:

    subscriber PN

  98. avatar Sara says:

    I love so many! I like the Holiday Nostalgia Holiday Photo Cards a lot!

  99. avatar Brandi says:

    I like the Candy Cane design!

  100. avatar Kimberly R says:

    My favorite are the brown Snowflake Tree Holiday Photo Cards.

  101. avatar Jenn H says:

    I love the Swirls and Warmth Holiday Photo Cards. Perfect for our southern family.

  102. avatar Brenna says:

    Just became a fan on Facebook!! :)

  103. avatar Brenna says:

    Wow, too many choices to love! I am drawn towards the Holiday Nostalgia photo card – love the simplicity!

  104. avatar Karen says:

    I absolutely love the very first one on the site… Snowflake Window Holiday. So sweet!

  105. avatar Julie says:

    I love the Holiday mini books

  106. avatar Heather says:

    My Favorite design is the Snowflake Window Holiday Photo Cards.

  107. avatar Jen says:

    I’m a fan on facebook.

  108. avatar Jen says:

    I subscribe.

  109. avatar Jen says:

    I like so many! I like the Snowflake Frame Holiday, Antique Joy, and Delicate Flourishes Holiday. :)

  110. avatar Vicky H. says:

    I like the Snowflake Window Holiday photocard design.

  111. avatar shanda says:

    i like the holiday stripe, citrus, and snowflake the best.

  112. avatar Mandy Greene says:

    I love the sweet tooth card!!!

  113. avatar Bibzees says:

    I tweeted!

    bibzees Check out these original Holiday Cards at !
    less than 5 seconds ago from web

  114. avatar Bibzees says:

    Became a fan on FB!

  115. avatar Bibzees says:

    There is no way I can select one favorite from the mere 10 minutes I spent perusing their wonderful items. I would have to say snowflake windows would be a top favorite. What really stood out was the originality of so many of the cards. They strayed from the normal cards we typically see (which are also pretty) and went with various designs and colors. I may be back for my holiday cards whether I win or not! :)

  116. avatar whitney says:

    subscriber to PN

  117. avatar whitney says:

    I like the Mistletoe Wreath Holiday Photo Cards!

  118. avatar Heidi says:

    I really like the “candy cane” holiday cards!!

    froggy_luver at hotmail dot com

  119. avatar Jennifer Jones says:

    I’m now following Project Nursery on twitter.

  120. avatar Jennifer Jones says:

    I just became a fan of Project Nursery on facebook!!

  121. avatar Jennifer Jones says:

    Wintery Tree Holiday Photo Cards are my favorite for Christmas.

  122. avatar Marlena U. says:

    I’m a subscriber, too!

  123. avatar Marlena U. says:

    I LOVE their site…what an impossible choice…but for the sake of entering I’ll choice “simple bulbs” as a favorite design! m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

  124. avatar susan varney says:

    i like the “Modern Love” Holiday Rounded Corner Cards

  125. avatar Kristi says:

    Well after I smiled at all the cute children. I decided I would love to send out the:
    Gathering Holiday Minibooks

    What a great idea of sending out favorite recipes.


  126. And I’m a PN subscriber! :)

  127. I love their stuff – I was just looking at their site earlier today! I love the simplicity of the Snowflake Window card… so pretty!

  128. avatar desiree kelley says:

    I like the holiday charm cards

  129. avatar Mae says:

    Already a subscriber w/ you but I am subscribed to Minted now – Woo hoo!

  130. avatar Kathleen says:

    Subscriber at katwalck at hotmail dot com

  131. avatar Kathleen says:

    The Cheery Winter Swirl is very cute. It would be so hard to pick a favorite, since they’re all so pretty!

  132. avatar bdaiss says:

    And on Facebook… yeah. I *puffy heart* you guys.

  133. avatar bdaiss says:

    And I subscribe! (Google Reader)

  134. avatar bdaiss says:

    I follow on Twitter!

  135. avatar bdaiss says:

    And just how am I supposed to pick only one?!? I think the Vintage Peppermint Holiday minibook is my favorite. Followed by the Snowflake Whimsy Yearline cards. But seriously, they’re all gorgeous.

  136. avatar llweeden says:

    I would have to say my favorite card is “Have a SWEET Holiday” The Sweet Tooth Holiday Card. I always look for cards that say holiday instead of Christmas because not all of friends celebrate Christmas and I love the fun of this card! Everyone should have a SWEET Holiday!

  137. avatar aziazel says:

    All so gorgeous – I would love to send these out to loved ones and friends!

  138. avatar LexC says:

    I am absolutely in love with Twilight Stars Holiday Photo cards in Red.l They look amazing and will work for both my Christian and non-Christian friends.

  139. avatar melissa says:

    I love MINTED!!! MY 2 faves are “gift wrapped holiday” and “float + peace holiday” Their work is super–modern, elegant, and adorable all at the same time!

  140. avatar Stefanie says:

    I love the organic ornaments folded card. Simple and very pretty.

  141. avatar melissa says:

    I am a fan on Facebook!!

  142. avatar melissa says:

    I am a subscriber to PN!!

  143. avatar Mae says:

    So torn between the “Simple Charm” and “Snowflake Window!”

  144. avatar Jill says:

    Love the Hip New Year cards!

  145. avatar audi says:

    every year i hope to do holiday cards . . . alas this may be the one!

  146. avatar april says:

    holy moly, what incredible choices! I narrowed it down to the Snowflake Tree Holiday by Pixie Stick Press, BUT now another hard choice – would I go with the modern blue/brown or the classic red with beige?? My family always looks forward to our annual holiday card each year because I love picking interesting designs and quality paper products (last year I had a seller on Etsy do a handmade template for me). This year I need to pick a style with 3 photos – one photo of my, my husband and our son; one photo of my son kissing my pregnant belly; and one photo of our 2 mutts! And the Snowflake Tree Holiday would just be perfect. I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

  147. avatar Miranda Carpenter says:

    There are SO many wonderful designs, I think my favorite though is the “Oh what fun” card, how adorable!

  148. avatar erin says:

    I love the “Oh What Fun” card, so so much. Would be perfect with a pic of my little monsters!

  149. avatar Kristi says:

    Don’t know how you are supposed to pick just one…Snowflake Window, Winter Charm, or Holiday Nostalgia????? LOVE THEM ALL!!!

  150. avatar sandra says:


  151. avatar sandra says:

    my favorite is the Simple Charm Holiday Photo Card in berry red / bark

  152. avatar Amanda says:

    peace love and bop or oh what fun! these are the coolest cards i’ve seen!

  153. avatar drsarahhansen says:

    I love “Giftwrapped”, but they are all great!!! The photos for the samples are wonderful, too! What a great website…I have never seen it before!

  154. avatar Kim says:

    fan on FB

  155. avatar Kim says:

    subscribe to u

  156. avatar Kim says:

    LOVE: float + deer damask Holiday Photo Cards

  157. avatar jenn says:

    I am also a fb fan & commented.

  158. avatar jenn says:

    I love the Mistletoe Wreath- but it is so hard to pick a favorite! I am always on the hunt for great photo cards- thanks for turning me onto them!

  159. We totally love Santa’s Seal of Approval…although there are so many adorable designs!

  160. avatar Steph says:

    I’m a follower of this blog!

  161. avatar Steph says:

    Just tweeted: @steph2pigs

  162. avatar Steph says:

    Love the Simple Charm holiday photo cards!

  163. avatar Sherylle says:

    It was definitely hard to pick one. I think my fave was Snowflake Lace and Sweet tooth

  164. avatar Abbie says:

    I’m a subscriber to both Project Nursery and Minted blogs!

  165. avatar Abbie says:

    Love Minted! It’s hard to pick just one. I love the Mistletoe Wreath, Jolly Holiday, Joy to the World, Peace on Earth and Float + Winter. Horrible to pick so many, but they’re all so cute!!

  166. avatar aimee c. says:

    modern geometric holiday totally catches my eye! beautiful selection of cards! thanks for the opportunity.

  167. avatar stewart.holland says:

    I love the Delicate Flourishes Holiday Photo Cards but they are all so fabulous!

    I’m also a fan on Facebook.

    I’m a twitter follower and tweeted about the giveaway here

    I’m a subscriber.

    I posted on the forum.

    I blogged about it here:

    (Can you tell I REALLY want to win!?!) :)

  168. avatar SFJ says:

    So hard to choose! What an amazing giveaway. I’m between “Simple Charm,” “Winter Chic,” and “Sweet Memories.”

  169. What a fabulous giveaway! It is really tough to narrow down – City by the Bay? Partridge in a Pear Tree? or Feliz? I can’t decide. I will narrow down if I am the lucky winner!

    cristin @ simplified bee

    PS – also having a giveaway this week!