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Winter Storm Jonas piled on the snow just as I was getting used to a very mild winter—so much for that! It’s darn cold now, and playing outside with a baby isn’t exactly an option. So to continue to keep my daughter Emmy (and me) entertained, I say, bring on the play dates! […]

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It stands to reason that when you have 20 or 60 of your closest friends over to your house for a party, you want things to be clean—extra, eat-off-the-floors kind of clean. When chatting with my friends, who were amazed by how sparkling everything was, I found that people took different approaches to cleaning for parties. […]

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Monday is laundry day at the Ginocchio house. It starts early and goes for most of the day. In my book, this chore totally counts as legitimate learning time for my toddler, Sloane. There are colors, textures, temperatures and scents involved, and I always crack up every time I hear her belting out the teamwork …

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My method make-under is off to a promising start, and spring cleaning feels especially right this year. The pretty, toxin-free products look so cheerful lined up under my kitchen sink, and I’ve actually found myself a wee bit more motivated to clean. Full disclosure—I do have a weekly cleaning woman (she’s my hero!), but she’s …

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I’ll admit it’s hard, really hard, to break up with your favorite cleaning products. I’ve definitely moved in the right green cleaning direction over the past few years, but when it comes to certain products, it’s more difficult to make the break. Maybe it’s the nostalgia you get when those old-school products’ scents make your …

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