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I am a Method Maven & You Can Be Too!

I’ll admit it’s hard, really hard, to break up with your favorite cleaning products. I’ve definitely moved in the right green cleaning direction over the past few years, but when it comes to certain products, it’s more difficult to make the break. Maybe it’s the nostalgia you get when those old-school products’ scents make your nostrils burn. Or sometimes, when standing in the cleaning products aisle, I become skeptical. Will this new stuff work as well?

I’m also the first to admit that I know better. I mean, I really do. I can talk the lingo. No thanks on the  formaldehyde, I’ll pass on the phosphates, hold the bleach, please, and let’s keep it natural, okay? So when I was asked to become a “method maven” and spend the day with the people against dirty to get a sneak peek at all the cool products they have launching this year, I knew it would give me the motivation I needed to officially turn the corner and fully commit to only green cleaning products in my home. Plus, I really LOVE all the method products I already use, so I knew it’d be a win-win.

Along with about twenty other amazing female bloggers, I received the coolest greeting ever when arriving at the method headquarters in San Francisco for the first ever method Summit. The entire company greeted us; they were excited and ready to spend up close and personal time with us. I was ready to hear the real story behind how this cool company got off the ground and grew to start an eco-chic cleaning revolution.

As a method maven, I got to hear directly from founders Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry about how ten years ago on a road trip the two former roommates had a light bulb moment. They wanted to do two things: make effective green cleaning products and make them feel cool. These two guys have changed how America cleans, and after eleven years in business, they truly love going to work, and it shows. Staying true to their cause, they take every step possible to create safe and effective products that also make you feel hip when you use them. After all, method’s gorgeous packaging and vibrant jellybean colors make you smile not cringe.

New Friends Brooke & Summer from The Girls with Glasses Show

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The whole day seemed to fly by with lots of fun and interesting activities for us to do. All the mavens got to touch and feel method’s newest products for 2012. I loved feeling privy to top-secret product info, and I can honestly say if you aren’t already a fan, you will soon become one. Two of my new favorite method scents are the limited edition Lime & Sea Salt All-Purpose Cleaner and the Daffodil Hand Soap.

And, of course, when you get a bunch of female bloggers together, a little DIY crafting needs to be part of the itinerary—enter green living expert and method buddy Danny Seo. Danny got us in the crafting mood with a birdhouse project from his brilliant book Upcycling. He’s all about creating things from stuff you already own.

Isn’t my little birdhouse cute?


Next we learned about laundry. I have to say this part of the day was a real highlight for me because I’m obsessed with laundry. I’ve actually been known to re-read my washer manual from time to time so I don’t forget about any of the settings (I know—what a geek!). method’s suite of laundry products has really evolved, and they’ve set a new precedent in the industry to create super concentrated formulas by just eliminating the water. Smaller, more efficient products lead to greener packaging. Now, all the other big jug companies have been forced to follow suit. And method’s convenient, one-handed pump bottle is fantastic.

Fragrance was a hot topic for all the mavens. Are you a fruity, a floral or maybe a gourmand? method’s director of fragrance took us through all their scent groups. After a hand washing scent challenge, I determined that I was a floral gal, and my hands have never smelled so good! After a delicious lunch from The Plant (of course, we were fed organic food, it’s method!), we were shown their brand spankin’ new “clean happy” campaign, aka the method anthem. Really fun, really quirky and really good. Don’t worry, you can see it now too! Check it out below, and tell us what you think.

At the end of the day, all of us method mavens  learned we could star in our own method clean happy anthem alongside Noah, the method guy. I tried my best to go with it and get funky in front of the rainbow of method bottles. The icing on the cake was a gorgeous dinner prepared for us by Stag Dining and the Cocktail Lab—such an amazing way to end an amazing day. Thanks to all the people at method and all the other mavens for a great, great day. I’ll always be a dedicated method maven!

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Savvy Method Mavens: Nicole from Making It Lovely, Danielle from Sometimes Sweet and Denene from MyBrownBaby


That’s me grooving with Noah, the Method guy!


Do you want to be a method maven too? Method is giving away an all-expense paid trip for two to the method headquarters AND a year’s supply of method products. Woohoo! Go to the the method facebook page to enter. Contest ends April 12th.

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Tuesday 3rd of April 2012

[...] admit my cleaning conscience has been on high alert after becoming a method maven last March. I thought I knew a thing or two about green cleaning, but at the event, I learned WAY [...]


Monday 12th of March 2012

Wow, looked very fun and cool. I too love method products. My fav of the moment is wood for good and the bathroom cleaning wipes, they smell so fresh and simple. I really need to try their detergent but I sadly have a hard time believing I can get the same bang for my buck vs the big jug. But cheers to Method I will follow any company trying to make the world a better place.


Monday 12th of March 2012

Can't wait to try Method's new products. Pam's day sounded so interesting and fun; nothing better than that. Appreciate the quality and green of its products as well as Method's very cool and attractive packaging. Keep improving.


Monday 12th of March 2012

I love using Method for many things. I really like the idea of using a highly concentrated product to save on plastic. The laundry detergent, however, contains brighteners and enzymes, making it a bad choice for washing cloth diapers. Even Method Baby contains these things. I need a detergent free of additives, which is hard to find in the store. I do, however, use method handwash and all-purpose cleaner. Both are great and I love how the clear handsoap looks in the bathroom.


Monday 12th of March 2012

Tell them to do something about the liquid dish soap dispenser. It's TERRIBLE. I liked the old one better, but I'd settle for any dispenser that doesn't continually get gummed up and shoot soap across the room. I complained on twitter and they told me to PUT A SPONGE IN FRONT OF IT. A really amazing solution from a company known for their design savvy. I was sure to pass on the tip to my 7 year old niece while she was rinsing cucumber scented soap from her eyes.