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Method Dryer Spray: A Story of Mother Daughter Laundry Love

Monday is laundry day at the Ginocchio house. It starts early and goes for most of the day. In my book, this chore totally counts as legitimate learning time for my toddler, Sloane. There are colors, textures, temperatures and scents involved, and I always crack up every time I hear her belting out the teamwork song from The Wonder Pets as we sort and fold. However, our laundry bonding just got even better with the newest addition to our laundry routine, the Method Dryer Activated Fabric Softener Spray. Buh-bye funky old dryer sheets. Hello new laundry love. See us in action…

I liked the idea of ditching the stiff dryer sheets from the get-go, and you can see how easy the spray is to use since my 2-year-old has it nailed down. Just four little sprays right on wet clothes is all it takes for a full load, and because it’s plant based, I feel comfortable letting Sloane spray it herself (under my supervision, of course). Since it’s a Method product, you can trust that it’s safe for the whole family and better for the environment too. The fresh air scent is crisp and clean, as laundry should smell, and the clothes come out soft but not overly wilted like they did with my old dryer sheets. Not to mention that each bottle is equivalent to 100 dryer sheets. Home run, method laundry peeps—thanks!

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Anita Berglund

Tuesday 9th of December 2014

We have been using Method Fabric softener spray for about 8 months and been frustrated with why the clothes are always full of static. Not wanting to give up, we would spray extra onto our wet clothes. Still didn't help. Then, today my husband read the directions!! Always something I avoid and usually pay for it! Turns out we have been using it wrong all this time. Duh! You don't dump in the load and spray, you have to run the dryer on hot or warm for 10 minutes first and THEN spray the clothes and continue drying. We are now trying the right way to use this product. Hopefully it finally works. But, I can't find any more tips or information on how to use it on the method website. Does anyone else know how to successfully use the spray and avoid static? Any tips or thoughts would be valued greatly. Love Method brand. Thanks :)

Faye Pearson

Tuesday 9th of October 2012

I want to try this one. I love Method products and I have a feeling I will fall in love with how this spray smells.

Tasha Cune

Monday 8th of October 2012

I have a five-year-old and I really want to teach her some basic household chores by letting her help me. I just didn't know which chore it would be. After reading this post, maybe it would be doing the laundry. I can ask her to help me sort out clothes according to colors, and then she can help me measure the laundry detergent.


Wednesday 3rd of October 2012

It's lovely how you have these activities to share with your daughter. I just wished that my 4-year-old can help me out rather than just running around the house.


Monday 1st of October 2012

Wow, I never thought of making laundry day a bonding day with my girl. Thanks for the idea.