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Creating your registry, opening gifts at your shower and assembling the gear in the nursery are all very fun moments when preparing for your first baby. When you are busy taking care of baby number one, preparing all those things for baby number two and figuring out just what you need can be more of a pain than a joy. […]

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I’ll never forget my first days of parenthood back in 2005 when we were living in New York City. Two weeks after we’d brought our baby girl home from the hospital, my husband had to go back to work. The thought of venturing out of the confines of our baby-stocked apartment on my own was …

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The best gift a mom can receive on Mother’s Day is a trip to the masseuse for a deep tissue massage. Carting the kids around is physically tough on the bod. A yoga instructor once bluntly blurted out during a class, “Ladies, you may be crazy about your babies but your abs and back aren’t feeling the love.” I suppose she had a point, and now three kids later I realize that had I discovered a product like the Baby Hip Hugger which helped me carry baby for long stretches in an easy and comfortable way everyone, including my lower back, would have been happier.

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Throughout our 2010 Virtual Holiday Baby Shower Giveaway we will be taking a closer look at some of the incredible products the Project Nursery Grand Prize Winner will receive. The prize package is valued at $2,000! See our giveaway blog before December 24th for details on all the ways you can enter. Much like Sarah …

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