Giveaway: Baby Hip Hugger by Baby Nari

The best gift a mom can receive on Mother’s Day is a trip to the masseuse for a deep tissue massage. Carting the kids around is physically tough on the bod. A yoga instructor once bluntly blurted out during a class, “Ladies, you may be crazy about your babies, but your abs and back aren’t feeling the love.” I suppose she had a point. Now three kids later, I realize that had I discovered a product like the Baby Hip Hugger, which helped me carry baby for long stretches in an easy and comfortable way, everyone, including my lower back, would have been happier.

The Baby Hip Hugger by Baby Nari is a baby carrier that helps you carry baby without complicated straps and clips so you can easily put baby down in seconds. If your baby likes to be picked up and put down over and over (hello, that’s moi!), the Baby Hip Hugger is perfect for you. Designed with comfort for both baby and parent in mind, the Baby Hip Hugger evenly distributes the weight of the baby to relieve pressure on the back and maintain better posture. And, with a number of different sitting options, like facing in or out or even to the side, baby can find their favorite position.

Baby Hip Hugger comes in a whole bunch of colors and two sizes. The infant size is appropriate for babies who can sit on their own, and toddler size works for children older than a year. If you find yourself holding baby for long periods, give Baby Hip Hugger a try. Your arms and back will thank you later!

WIN IT! Baby Nari is giving away one Baby Hip Hugger of choice to one lucky Project Nursery reader (a $60 value!). Visit Baby Nari, and tell us which Hip Hugger you like best and why you need it to enter. Contest ends Friday August 5th, 2011 at 11:59 PST.


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    I’ve subscribed to your newsletter for a while now, i think while I was pregnant with my daughter and she’ll be 2 in Oct! Your site truly inspires the creativity in me. Thanks!

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    I am so excited to see a product like this hit the market and thank you Project Nursery for introducing it! I am unable to carry much weight and am concerned about my ability to carry the little one around when he gets here. Last year I had a double mastectomy due to finding breast cancer at 30 years old. This year, one year from my diagnosis, we were announcing the pregnancy to our family! This is a great product for many reasons but it will come in very handy in my household. I really love the all black version. Thanks again!

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    I would LOVE to have this my 2 year old is 40lbs and still wants to be carried…My back is KILLING me after a few minutes!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I hope I am Picked

    facebook fan of both and posted on Both Walls!!

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    I LOVE it! I would like the toddler style in black, that way if this next peanut is not a girl, it will still save my back! :) LOL Thanks for a great giveaway!

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    I like PN and Baby Nari on FB. I like the Toddler in Black. This would be so helpful with a BIG baby boy. If my younger son is going to follow in his big brother’s footsteps, then a 30-pound one-year old does a number on my back!

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    Oh man do I ever need this! My toddler lately doesn’t want to walk much, and we have a 20 minute walk home from his daytime care provider every day. My back is not happy! I definitely need the toddler one, in black.

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    i would need the toddler size and i think id get the black… i need this bc it would make it alot easter to hold my son for long periods of time

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    I am “Likiing” both you and Baby Nari on Facebook and have signed up for your newsletter! Thanks for this sweet giveaway!

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    I like both on facebook, signed up for your e-newsletter, and commented on the Project Nursery FB page (not sure if that’s where I needed to post my message, so I’ll do it here, too): I like the brown toddler Hip Hugger best, and I need it because I would rather hold my son when I can than push him in a stroller all the time when we’re out. This would hugely relieve hip and back stress. Thanks for the Baby Nari giveaway…hope I win!

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    i lwas introduced to the carrier at the plush show in los angeles, loved it! I like the black carrier

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    I am a nana of 3 and my arms & back are not what they used to be! This would help so much! What a fab idea! I <3 the denim blue in the infant size! I hope I win…but good luck to everyone!

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    I am a 21 year old disabled mother, who is unable to lift more than 20lbs, because of a horrific car accident that broke my neck and upper back in five places. Despite the four years of attempting physical therapy, taking strong medications, and even an unsuccessful, risky surgery, I still live in constant pain. My recovery has been very challenging and often hopeless, to say the least. This contest introduced me to the Baby Hip Hugger, giving me a flicker of hope and an answer to my biggest fear: the inability to carry, hold, and hug my son as he grows beyond 20lbs. Wining this contest would be a dream come true

    Having a chronic pain disability can be extremely discouraging, especially when it has been four years, and I am still very sick. The ability to hold my son constantly has created a very special bond that I do not want to give up. The Baby Hip Hugger is the answer to all of my fears of losing that special bond with my son. According to my doctor, the Baby Hip Hugger will adequately take the stress off of my broken neck and back, so that I will be able to carry, lift, and hold my son through the use of this product.

    I need to win the Toddler Baby Hip Hugger, because I am unable to lift more than 20lbs without the assistance of this product. Thank you for making the Baby Hip Hugger, because it has the ability to deeply enhance my quality of life and the life of my son by allowing me to hold, hug, carry, and love him the way that a mother without a disability could. I really like the Black Toddler Baby Hip Hugger, since it will match whatever baby and I are wearing; however, I will be overjoyed if I win any of the colors. Winning this contest will enhance the bond between me and my son, and will bring a new glimmer of hope and happiness to an often hopeless situation.

    I liked both Project Nursery and Baby Nari on facebook, commented both on facebook, followed both on twitter, and sent tweets to both on twitter. I have also subscribed to the Project Nursery newsletter, as asked. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    I love the Brown Toddler Style Hip Hugger. My back is always killing me when I carry around my nephew, so this would be great way to help me keep his weight balanced out!

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    The black Baby Hip Hugger for toddlers would go with most outfits. I need this because my baby is getting heavy, and I find in order to carry her on my hip I am putting my wrist in a very uncomfortable position, giving me tendonitis.

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    “Like” Project Nursery and Baby Nari on Facebook + a shout out on each wall — done!

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    I like the black. My 5 mo old is 16 lbs and I can see how this would make carrying him around much easier.

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    I like the infant one in black – my 11 week old is almost 14 pounds and I can see that he’s only going to get more challenging to carry as he gets bigger!

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    I am a fan of Baby Nari & a new fan of Project Nursery on FB :) thank you so much for this fantastic giveaway!

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    I would love a baby nari (toddler) Any color! I would love to have this because I have 7 children !5,12,10,7,5,2,and 2 months and we are always on the run!This would make life so much easier!:)

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    I would love the toddler baby hp hugger in black. This would be sooo helpful in toting my 19-month-old around now that we also have a new baby. My back would definitely appreciate it!

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    i love the toddler hip hugger in black. I need it as my chunky monkey is giving me some serious carpal tunnel. He loves to be held and I can no longer bend my wrist. :(

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    I like the brown hip hugger, and iI need one because I’m expecting my 1st baby in November!

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    i’d get the black toddler one. i need one because my toddler, who is older, still wants to be held all the time we’re out and about

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    I like the nary baby hip hugger in brown. Granny’s back is not as strong as it used to be. This would help!

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    I like the nary baby hip hugger in denim for toddler’s. I have one toddler that still likes to be carried and a new one due in the next few weeks.

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    I like the toddler hip higher in black. Goes with everything! My 10 month old is about the size of an average 1 year old. He is growing faster than I can keep up. Last week I actually threw my back out trying to get up out of the sofa while holding him and while he was trying to stay on the sofa :( Please save my back!

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    I like Project Nursery and Baby Nari on FB, and also left you both comments on FB today_ Carol Rocha.

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