Do You Have What You Need for Baby #2?

Creating your registry, opening gifts at your shower and assembling the gear in the nursery are all very fun moments when preparing for your first baby. When you are busy taking care of baby number one, preparing all those things for baby number two and figuring out just what you need can be more of a pain than a joy. There are a few things you should definitely take the time to make sure you have ready to go before baby number two arrives.

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Great Carrier. When baby #2 comes along, having a carrier will ensure you can multitask while holding your baby close or you can soothe a fussy baby while you tend to your older child. Look for a carrier that fits your body comfortably and allows baby to sit ergonomically without requiring an extra infant insert to make your life easier.

Ergobaby Adapt Carrier

Tall Highchair. Many children are curious when baby comes along, so it is a good idea to purchase a high chair that is suitable from birth that can keep the baby safely elevated. This will allow you to make dinner or handle other household tasks without having to worry about little sticky fingers poking baby. Look for a high chair that has at least three recline positions that make it suitable from birth and can transition nicely when baby is ready to start eating solids.

Stokke Steps Highchair

Flexible Double Stroller. Whether it’s a trip to the playground or daily errands, you will want a stroller that can easily transport an infant as well as allow your toddler easily in and out of a seat. Look for a stroller that is adaptable to accommodate one infant or two children of different ages. With two kids you will also definitely need a large storage basket and an easy fold.

Safe Place to Entertain Baby. The need to chase around after an older child often means needing a safe, comfortable and stimulating spot to place baby. Look for a bouncer with a sturdy base and non-slip feet to ensure baby is safe if your older child runs into the seat, is easy to clean, and (as a bonus) has a design that coordinates with your home so you won’t mind leaving it out.

Diaper Bag with Space. Trips out of the house with a baby and a toddler or older child will mean not only diapers and onesies but sippy cups, snacks and toys. Having a diaper bag with lots of space, easy to access pockets and a few carry options (think handles, stroller straps and/or backpack style) can make a big difference in successful trips with more than one child.

BFF Diaper BagBFF Diaper Bag

Up-to-Date Car Seat. Before you just assume you can use your first child’s infant car seat for your second baby you need to make sure it is in good shape. Check to ensure the car seat hasn’t expired, the straps aren’t worn out and there are no cracks in the plastic anywhere. If it doesn’t check out look for a new car seat that is lightweight and easy to clean.

Stocked Changing Table. Check your changing table, bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets for anything that went into your first baby’s mouth (such as pacifiers, nipples and thermometers) and refresh with new ones for baby number two. Ensure you have enough burp cloths, wash cloths and swaddles that are still in good condition and you will be happy to use again.

Update: The Stokke Steps Bouncer was recalled on July 25, 2019.
If you own the affected product, refer to the recall announcement for details on how to get the repair kit.









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