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Vintage Modern Fun Nursery


I wanted to create a nursery that can grow with my baby boy with vintage flairs, modern finishes, and surprising accents. I didn't care for the pastels that most nurseries have, so I knew the colors would have to be bright to make for a space to grow with my baby.

Design Inspiration

I chose the color palette from a receiving blanket I purchased at Target.  I matched the green and blue perfectly and knew I had to include brown in some way as an accent.  I also knew that I wanted to include toys that my husband and I played with as kids.  It was just a matter of bringing it all together.

Decorating Style

modern, vintage, fun, colorful

Project Details

Paint: Sherwin Williams

Blue: SW6765 SPA

Green: SW6709 Gleeful

Brown: SW6083 Sable


The first piece in the room was the double dresser which was second hand that I transformed to match the crib.  I did the same paint treatment to the nightstand (also secondhand) to match the dresser.

Crib: Babyletto Modo Crib

Bookshelf: IKEA

Wall Shelves: IKEA

Glider: Best Furniture with custom fabric

Lamp: Target

Mirrors: Target

Stools: IKEA

Table: Secondhand

Large Rocking Horse: husband's as a child

My favorite thing was to shop at Garage Sales and find little odds and ins to include in the nursery like the vintage toys, and antique stores where I purchased the small rocking horse.

Favorite Items

The mural is probably my favorite thing about the nursery.   Our best friend is an artist and we knew we wanted him to do something for our nursery.  We just never dreamed it would be so wonderful.  I like that it's not the first thing you see too.  It's such a surprise element in the room that you must come in to get that wow factor.  I think it adds that punch to the room that we were going for.  I also love the bear on the nightstand that was made out by my Grandmother out of my late Grandpa's shirt, and the wooden train on the wall shelf that my Grandpa built.


This is my first kid, so I knew I would go all out.  Don't be afraid to do that.  I wanted something over the top, a space that I would love coming into.  I wanted to do something that wasn't traditional and include things from my childhood that I dearly loved.  Take risks.  Secondhand isn't always bad.  I like my recycled furniture pieces and had a great time refinishing them.  I'm happy with the outcome as they don't match perfectly.   Overall put pieces in the space that you love, that mean something to you and make you smile when you see them.  Nothing makes for a happier space.

jenn w.

Monday 3rd of January 2011

The IKEA shelf is the Expedit Series

Hope this helps!  I fell in love with the simplicity of the shelf.


Monday 3rd of January 2011

Hi, I have been looking all over ikea for that 4 way cube that you have that has the monkey baskets on it and I have been unable to find it.  Can you give me a link to it or tell me how you found it, I would be so appreciative.



Wednesday 29th of December 2010

Hi JennWilson1:  Thanks for the reply.  It's lovely, and the fact that it was created by your in-laws make it all the more beautiful :)


Wednesday 15th of December 2010

Only less than a month left, I'm sure you're very excited right now.  Congratulations, and am hoping everything goes well.  This room is such a warm and wonderful room.  I so love the finishing touches and the little details that are here.  Great colors too!


Thursday 9th of December 2010

The wreath on the door was made by my MIL & SIL for the baby shower and just became the decoration on the door of his room after the shower.   Wish I could tell you where to go to get it!  Thanks