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Daughter’s Nursery Pics


This is the design from our first daughters nursery that we haven't changed since moving our second daughter into it. I love bright colors so finding material to coordinate was never a problem.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration for the original room was a Paris themed fabric that we used for quilts, bumpers and further inspiration.

Decorating Style

Traditional with a bit of whimsy.

Project Details

My favorite detail is the black ribbon that my husband hand-painted without a pattern or stencil.

Favorite Items

For sure the round crib and the fact that I just switched the rug and fabric for our second daughter.


Try to find one thing you can't live without. Be it a rug, curtains, print, blanket or lamp. That way you can match everything else to it, especially paint colors. If all else fails buy a mix of fabrics in the same color.

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  1. avatar kurly says:

    i love the personal touch to the room. the walls are so neat.

  2. avatar AngelsBreath says:

    I love the whimsical nature of this room.  You’re right that black ribbon made all the difference!

  3. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    I have to admit, I envy you guys for putting together this room.  Like Ken, I am also curious where you got everything here!

  4. avatar Ken says:

    Oh wow.  I’d love to see how this room looks like in person!!! The details you have here a great!  Where’d you get that cupcake quilt and everything here!!!!