Strawberry Shortcake Inspired Party

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Our little one has had a rough first year of life as she dealt with some serious health issues.  At one point we weren't sure if we'd even get to celebrate her first birthday, but thankfully her health took a turn for the better and she's on the road to recovery.  I knew we needed to throw her a very special party as she's definitely one special little girl.

Design Inspiration

We call our sweet girl our little "Shorttcake" (yes, two t's on purpose) so I decided on a strawberry shortcake inspired theme mainly pulling the colors pink, red, and green as the inspiration along with all things "berry"

Decorating Style

contemporary and transitional

Project Details

Everything started with a pack of strawberry scrapbook papers I found at Michael's. They were used to create the backdrop for the monthly photos, the party hats, and all the flag banners. The fabric for the tablecloths and backdrop came from Walmart and JoAnn Fabrics. The fireplace banner and the banner on the front door were made by I Do Originals. The birthday chair was a gift which the purchaser got at Babies 'R' Us The bubble favors were a cheap find at the dollar store and I created custom wraps to go around them and tied with some coordinating ribbon. The drink containers were purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Favorite Items

It's so hard to choose a favorite item, but I'd have to say the fireplace banner.  It was a great focal point for the room and it made for a terrific backdrop when the birthday girl opened her gifts!  I also really loved the monthly photo display on the two story wall.


Stay focused!  There are so many amazing ideas out there so it's really important to keep in mind the overall feel you're going for and the specific items you need in order to make that vision come to life.


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    Aww… More than the details of the party, I was touched with the story. Your daughter surely deserved a big first-year celebration! Hope everything goes well and smooth for her from now on.

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    Thanks girls! The party was a blast and our daughter had a great time. Bluebird Kisses- the giant cupcake was one of my favorite parts!

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    Your little girl is a doll! Who did the invites? I love the idea of including a monthly picture. Thank you!

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    Thanks so much Ava! The invites are from There’s also a similar invite available at if you’re looking for different colors. :)

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    I love the details of the party, especially the way you did the 12-monthly photos display. I hope your little shortcake’s health continues to get better. Wishing her a healthier 2nd year.

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    Thanks Shannon! I believe I got them at but it was so long ago I can’t remember for sure! They were originally wroght iron but I spray painted them a metallic silver to match the decor of our new home :)

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