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Khloe’s Nursery Wall Art


Wall Art on the wall, just above her crib!

Design Inspiration

I wanted to display her name, as well as pictures of us, the Mommy and Daddy to be in her nursery!ย  We live in an apartment and can't paint, so I wanted her room to still be as special as possible!ย  This is what I came up with!ย  (This is just one wall, still working on the room as a whole!) :-)

Decorating Style

Modern, Non-traditional- I'm not a huge fan ofย  your "typical" baby decor...:-)

Project Details

All supplies was bought at Michaels, except for the frames. Supplies include- small canvases (however many for each letter in name), card stock/scrapbook paper, wooden letters, paint (if letters aren't color of your choice), glue, mod podge.ย  Nails to hang everything!

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  1. avatar Dani says:

    Thank you! Her nursery isn’t quite done yet eventhough I’m about 36 weeks! Almost, but I will post pics when it’s complete!

  2. avatar Dandelion says:

    I agree with avalon. You look great for somebody who’s about to pop! Nice job with the name and the framed pictures. I hope you can also share photos of the rest of the nursery.

  3. avatar Dani says:

    Thank you everyone! It was a fun project! :-)

  4. avatar avalon says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous, Dani. I like what you did with the name and the photo frames. Love the idea of including your and your husband’s baby pictures.

  5. avatar Annid says:

    This is an awesomely creative idea…I also live in an apartment and looking for a creative way to display the new baby’s name (due 4/3/12)…love it!

  6. avatar Shea Lavander says:

    Very cute. You did a great job.