Jackson’s Room

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    this room is adorable! love the Simple Man poster and the handmade feel of this room with the hangings over the crib. The lampshades are adorable as well. Great job!

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    I like what you did with Jackson’s name banner below the fabric hoops. And I absolutely love your wall colors!

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    Live in the sunshine and You are my sunshine are from “thewheatfield” shop on Etsy and Bright sunshiny day is from “farouche” shop on Etsy. I ordered Simple man from designer Courtney Winet online; however, I don’t believe Courtney is selling the print any longer.

    Wall colors: (top) Behr’s Cool Jazz and (bottom) Behr’s Sweet Rhapsody


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    I actually bought cheap wooden frames from a AC Moore craft store and painted them myself. The mirror was from the Christmas Tree Shop for $12 (it used to brown with pine trees and a bear on it). I really liked the shape of it so I just repainted it myself. I also painted the letters over the closet, the picture frame, the book ends and the little orange shelf. I bought a few sample sizes of flat wall paint at Home Depot in orange, yellow and aqua for like 10 bucks- it was fun and very inexpensive.

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    Where did you get the bedding? And if you made it or had it made, where did you find your fabrics? I love this nursery and am planning on using similar colors but can’t find any bedding! Thanks!

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    Hi, I was wondering where you got the crib and was wondering if it is a DaVinci? I am curious because I am looking at the DaVinci Porter and the DaVinci Kalani online but haven’t seen them in person.

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    Sorry so late responding.

    I actually picked up the bedding at Marshalls for $50, but you can get it online. It’s called Jumping for Joy by Kenneth Brown.

    I got the crib and mattress at walmart.com for $229. It’s called Cadence by Baby Mod. I will warn that it scratches easily. I do touch ups with a non toxic furniture marker. Overall I’m very happy with it for the money.

    Good luck ladies!

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