Gender Neutral Playroom

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  • Vintage Chic Playroom Play Table3/15
  • Vintage Chic Playroom Wall Art4/15
  • Vintage Chic Playroom Tables and Chair5/15
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  • Vintage Chic Playroom Birdnest10/15
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Storage, storage, and more storage was needed. And, if it could be pretty storage, even better. This space needed to function as an all-around playroom including a table for tea parties and coloring, dollhouse for barbies, open space for push and ride-on toys, small storage for small toys, and large storage for big toys.

Design Inspiration

Everything gray, white, or patterned.

Decorating Style


Project Details

Even though it's a kids space, adults spend quite a bit of time in there too...with their kids- so I wanted some sort of sophistication to the endless kid stuff. So, I framed all of the kid artwork, and tried to add a little bit of sparkle with the acrylic lamps.

Acrylic lamps -

KidKraft table & chair - Amazon

Very Hungry Caterpillar backpack and lunchbox - Pottery Barn Kids

Kids Anywhere Chairs - Pottery Barn Kids

Large striped storage bins: Pottery Barn Kids

Personalized placemat and bowl - Sarah & Abraham

Leaf curtains - IKEA

Polka dot pillow cases - IKEA

Dollhouse - Amazon

Malm Occasional white table - IKEA


Favorite Items

The ones that are personalized or homemade like the framed kids artwork, tend to lend themselves to creating most of the colorful character in the space.


Create separate storage solutions for big and small toys. And, 'showcase your kids' artwork.


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    Wow! Those kids have a lot of junk, especially in the entrance of their home…eek! I like the framed photos on the wall though.

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    I love this playroom. I know it looks busy when someone enters the house, but what’s the point in having an empty space like living room just to use when someone comes over occasionally and not have your kids enjoy the home. I prefer to convert a dining/living room to playroom if there is additional space to have your sitting area like a family room. I love it.

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    Oh wow… This nursery is full of lovely and adorable details. I especially love the dollhouse!

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