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Stay-at-home mom of 3, graphic designer for, Santa Clause, executive copyrighter & editor for, Easter Bunny, one of ten children, and master color-crayon artist. Leave a message at the beep - I'm busy re-decorating.

Back to School Feast 2015

Our first annual Back to School Feast – a fun and whimsical dinner to celebrate and kick-off a new school year for our kids.

Vintage Chic Playroom View of the Room

Gender Neutral Playroom

Storage, storage, and more storage was needed. And, if it could be pretty storage, even better. This space needed to function as an all-around playroom including a table for tea parties and coloring, dollhouse for barbies, open space for push and ride-on toys, small storage for small toys, and large storage for big toys.

Hot Pink and Gray Big Girl Room Gallery Wall

Avery’s Big Girl Room

I have a great love of pattern, pattern, and more pattern. So, my plan was to throw together lots of it, and in various ways to make a layered effect.


All printed materials –
Folded bunny napkin tutorial –
Personalized Easter baskets: Pottery Barn Kids

Pony Birthday Party

Everything ponies!
Banners –
Personalized outfits –
Pony blow-ups – Oriental Trading