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nikson’s flat


My husband and I wanted the mountain man feel, but not a log cabin look. No trout stuck onto the wall singing oldies or a log crib adorned with bears in fishing hats. Something really simple, timeless, and unique.

Design Inspiration

Finding out that I was having a boy really made my head spin as far as how I was going to make a "boy" looking nursery. Girls are really easy to decorate for because there is so much available. I really wanted the room to feel like a boys room, but still offer the sweetness of a newborn baby. The owl lamp pretty much started me on this woodland theme. It was a gift and I have been in love with him. A little Tim Burton looking I think. Target carried it. If I had a girl, it would have been my inspiration in a completely different direction.

Decorating Style

I have simple eclectic style, but I dip into the pool of modernism from time to time.

My color scheme was grays, black and white, tomato red, and mustard yellow. I wanted a mountain man feel, but not a log cabin look. No trout stuck onto the wall or a log crib. We wanted it to be really simple.The stripes were painted by myself and friend. I was really nervous to try it, but loved what I saw when others did it. She was confident we could pull it off so we did it and I was really happy it turned out so well. The base color is Valspar's Tempered Gray and the dark stripes are in the same family. I can't remember the name. TheĀ unanimous vote was to make a bold contrast stripe, but you can tone it down if you want.

Project Details

This nursery is a whole slew of products and resources. My blog describes the process with pictures.

The mobile was made by myself from an aspen branch in our yard and Crate and Barrel's metallic leaves. I just sewed a string through them and tied them on.The rocker is actually a family piece. My mom got it 35 years ago when my brother Mike was born and I talked her into letting me have it. I think she was reluctant, but I don't even think Mike knows! The buffalo checked blanket was made by a lady from church and the pillow by a friend.A picture of baby's mom and dad and the Draper LDS Temple keep the nightstand simple. The nightstand was bought at DownEast Home for $7 and painted with a cherry tomato paint and I am not sure of the brand.I made the drapes, but don't get excited. I am no seamstress and they are crooked, but they serve their purpose and the fabric is cute. (Joann's) The plaid quilt was a gift. It was actually tied at my baby shower and made by some very dear friends. The dresser was a complete steal off a local classified. Posted for $275 and we got it for $180. I looked everywhere for a nine drawer and everything was too expensive. I love the color and how modern looking it is. The story of the bookcase will blow your mind. When we moved into our house our back porch had this old beat up trunk that was used for outdoor storage. The house was built in 1898, and the trunk is about the same age. I washed it out, bleached it, and took the top off, set it up open faced and voila, an awesome, rustic bookcase... for free! I put in tons of different pieces from different times in our lives. The nesting dolls are a gift from Grandma Audrey, a case of thank you cards from when we were married, old books I grew up with, and rock and twig from camping. The bear is from my husband's LDS mission.Ā  I got the vintage "3" from Details in Sugarhouse, UT and the elephant bank was a gift from UO. Artwork in the room has really been fun to find. Etsy sells the dapper reindeer prints and I got the Sacred Grove picture a while ago for Christmas. The moustache print was made by myself in photoshop. The pictures of the baby were taken by our friend.Ā The frame around theĀ initialsĀ was bought for $2 at a garage sale and painted yellow (Southern Glow by Benjamin Moore)Ā The letters were gifts from UO. (B= Bret N= Nikson, yada yada). The Jesus and boy print is a Greg Olson and one of my favorites. The antlers are actually kind of a fun thing. I know there are some of you who don't like hunting and killing animals, but I happen to have a father-in-law who does so you may have to just skip this part. Nikson was named after his grandpa, Bret and so to celebrate that, we hung antlers from one of his hunts. So yes, they are real and I am sure that sweet little woodland creature is in a far more beautiful place, frolicking in a meadow filled with poppy's.

Favorite Items

I love the antlers we used just because they tell a pretty legendary story and the dresser because we got such a great deal on it. They make the room what it is and I love it.


Be patient. Wait for items to come to you. Ideas I never had in the beginning took place months later. The stories behind each piece made my appreciation for waiting even more rich. I also think trusting in your own ability to make things unique to yourself is huge when decorating your own home.


Monday 5th of September 2011

I like the overall look of the room. The white owl lamp is gorgeous. And I really love those hanging white leaf "skeletons."