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Connor’s Critter Nursery


We wanted a creative, fun nursery that was somewhat gender neutral so that we can use it for Connor's future siblings as well.

Design Inspiration

I started off with an elephant theme inspired by a Corduroy stuffed animal that was my first purchase for Connor. Both my husband and I love animals so this sort of morphed into a more general animal theme as I went on.

Decorating Style

I wanted to have a clear color scheme but integrate a variety of patterns in those colors.

Project Details

We painted the room a pale yellow and I added navy blue elephants under the window and above the radiator. I stalked Craigslist to get the specific items that we wanted (Ikea bookcase, Pottery Barn Chair, Land of Nod Rug) and was really lucky to find almost everything I was looking for. The corduroy stuffed elephant (Jelly Cat: was one of my main inspirations for the room and that is where the elephant theme was born. I love craft projects and many of the items in Connor's room were a labor of love. I made the elephant mobile using shapes cut with a handmade stencil. The Connor banner was made with the scraps of fabric that I got when shopping for bedding fabric. The "lanterns" above the bookcase were a really easy project ( that add some height to the room. The photos on the wall were taken by me and I altered them in photoshop to fit the color scheme of the room. The bedding was made by my mother-in-law with fabrics that we picked out for the room because I was having trouble finding anything that fit the color scheme I was going for. Overall, I love the final result of the room!

Favorite Items

One of the things that I didn't make but really love the are the animal paintings above the rocking chair. I had these custom made by a great Etsy seller who did a fabulous job (


It is all about add homemade touches that give the room personality. Even one or two simple DIY projects can make a room much cozier.


Monday 5th of September 2011

Simple, clean, yet really nice. The tiny elephants beneath the window are too cute for words! The mobile above the changing table, too. It's nice to know many of the decor items here are DIY. And wait, do I see vintage Nancy Drew books?


Friday 2nd of September 2011

Love the room! What crib is that? It's just what I'm looking for.