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Modern nursery


This is my daughter Freda Maria's room..We started this project as soon as we found out she was a girl. I spent lots of time sitting in there waiting for her to arrive.

Design Inspiration

I wanted something clean & modern with lots of contrast for visual stimulation. I also wanted the wall color to be versatile so that as she grew older she can pick from many color schemes to change up her room. I also tried to incorporate as much storage space as I could with the shelving & baskets.

Project Details

The wall color is warm grey flannel by Glidden. It had the primer mixed in which was fabulous.The walls were green & blue & the new paint covered in one coat. The bedding is Summer Infant Twilight Garden. It is organic cotton & can be found online. Furniture is Babies R Us. The wall decal was ordered thru Layla Grace. It was easy to apply (& remove since we changed her name at the last minute & ordered a new one )The prints over the crib were ordered thru They allow you to pick your print in any color you like. I framed them myself.

Favorite Items

I love the bedding. The room was built off of that. It was hard at first to resist the urge to go pink but we are very happy with how it turned out. I also love the shelving on the walls which hold all the little trinkets & gifts Freda was given by friends & family before she arrived.


Pick the one thing you absolutely must have & build from there. Resist the urge to fill up every inch. You will want room to add new things.Think of function & what will attract your babies attention.We had an empty space directly across from her crib were we simple added a full length mirror so she can see herself.

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  2. avatar Jocelyne says:

    Hello my name is jocelyne I was just wondering wear you bought your baby crib set it’s soo nice !! My babies room is red and grey but I’m looking for a bed set for him .

  3. avatar Misty says:

    OMG ~ This is Exactly what I envision For My Little Boy Coming in January ! WoW – Stellar Room Absolutely Stellar !!!

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  5. avatar Glenna says:

    I would love to find the wall decal for my daughters room. I’ve checked the Layla Grace website and don’t find it. Any suggestions?

  6. avatar Marissa says:

    I love the color scheme. I have heard red and black is the best to visually stimulate babies, and it looks incredible with the grey. I never would have thought of this but I really love it!

  7. avatar BriskRain says:

    Really beautiful room. You made a sensible decision going for grey because of the reasons you mentioned. Your daughter can use it with different color schemes as she grows up. And the current red and black color combination is really dramatic and makes the room doubly interesting.

  8. avatar yjs721 says:

    This nursery is absolutely divine.

  9. avatar sugarxplum says:

    beautiful! very unique