Soothing Tropical Nursery with Hints of Pink

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I wanted a calm and soothing space for my baby girl with hints of blush pink without being too overbearing and girly so I also added neutral grey and ivories.  I fell in love with the green leaf wallpaper and it really brightened up her room.  I love just sitting in the nursery with my baby girl.


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    I’m so sorry for the delay. When we bought the home, the walls were already painted this color. I searched the garage for any spare paint but could not find any so I don’t have the info. Sorry!

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    No. I think the lighting makes it look green, but the other walls are actually painted grey. :)

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    Hi! Absolutely beautiful nursery and daughters! Where is the dresser from? Love the piece with the pulls as well. currently in the works doing my little one (Emerson Jean’s) nursery!

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    Hi Meg! Congrats! I love the name Emerson (obviously) :)! The dresser is from Ikea. It’s the Hemnes dresser and I replaced the knobs with leather pulls!

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    I love the scale of this wallpaper! I checked it out on Etsy – do you remember what size roll you ordered? I like how big the palms are and how spread out. Many thanks!

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